Hiroshima Carp “Secret Marriage” of a Young Hope: His Unrestrained Relationships with Women | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroshima Carp “Secret Marriage” of a Young Hope: His Unrestrained Relationships with Women

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The Hiroshima Carp finished a close 5th this season. Player A is indispensable for the Hiroshima Carp to strike back next season, but… (Photo is for reference only)

Although he has not announced it publicly, Mr. A of the Hiroshima Carp is married and has a child.

Player A is in his 20s and a member of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. He played in the Koshien National Championship from a prestigious high school, and after working as a member of society, he joined the Hiroshima Carp. He has quickly distinguished himself and is now a first-team member. This season, he has become an indispensable member of the team. However, he has been hiding a fact from the public.

He is married to a woman named B, who was a cheerleader on the same team when he was a member of society. He introduced her to everyone around him as someone he wanted to marry, and I heard that they got married at the beginning of this year. They also had a child who looks just like him in March of this year. However, for some reason, he has not announced that he has a wife and child.

Why has player A not disclosed the fact that he is married and has a child? It is said that a certain private problem may be involved.

When Mr. A was pregnant with Ms. B, he had relations with two women who were acquaintances of mine. He was not yet married at the time, but these women were completely unaware of his marriage plans or of Ms. B’s pregnancy.

In July 2007, when Player A was a member of a working adult team, he met a woman named Ms. C at a drinking party held after an inter-city baseball tournament. Player A, who lived in a rural area, sometimes visited Ms. C in Tokyo, but they remained friends. Their relationship changed in November of last year.

A player A visited Ms. C at a hotel in Tokyo, where he was on a business trip, and they had relations,” said an acquaintance.

Their relationship continued from there, and Player A had a “relationship” with Ms. C even while his wife, B, was pregnant. This is not the end of the story. He also had a relationship with another woman, Mrs. D, around the same time as Mr. C. The acquaintance continues, “He had a relationship with Mrs. C while she was pregnant. An acquaintance continues, “In August 2007, he met a girl he knew from high school.

In August 2007, he had a relationship with Ms. D, an acquaintance from high school, at a hotel in the city where his team was based. At that time, Player A did not provide contraception, which caused Ms. D to take emergency contraceptives, and Player A told me that he never worried about the side effects.”

His relationship with Mr. D also continued while his wife was pregnant. While continuing his uninhibited relationships with women, Player A quietly got married at the beginning of this year and even had a child. It is believed that he did not disclose the fact of his marriage or the birth of his child so that the women with whom he was involved would not find out.

However, it seems that his current family is not doing so well.

In fact, he is separated from his wife. In fact, he is separated from his wife, and he has never met his own children because he doesn’t like them. No one around him knows about his children or his marriage. He is still playing around as if he were single, so I think there are still many women out there who have been fooled by him.

We asked the Hiroshima Toyo Carp for an interview about Player A’s marriage and the existence of his children, but the reply was , “I cannot answer that question.

Player A’s performance this season was greatly admired by fans. We hope that he will straighten out his personal life and devote himself to baseball.

Message exchange between Player A and Mr. C
Here is another message between player A and Mr. C. The graphic exchange continues
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