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TKO Kimoto’s Fiery Confession: “Considering Legal Avenues for the Unreturned 340 Million

Direct hit! Two months after the investment trouble that caused a furore in the entertainment world, only 160 million yen has been returned.

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‘I haven’t settled down yet. Usually, well, I stay at home or ……. I have no income at all.

When we asked him about the aftermath of the riot, he carefully chose his words as he answered, “I have not been able to earn any money at all.

With a mysterious expression on his face, Kimoto answered FRIDAY’s interview. He chose his words carefully, saying, “There are still many things I can’t talk about.

Kimoto’s investment troubles, which came to light in July, have been reported by a number of junior comedians, including Takashi Yoshimura (42) of “Heisei Nobushi Kobushi” and Kukki! (46) and more than a dozen of his junior comedians and acquaintances, and is said to have caused more than 600 million yen in damage. Kimoto dropped out of all of his shows and left Shochiku Entertainments after the riot.

In a statement issued by his personal office in August and in an exclusive interview with “NEWS Post Seven,” Kimoto said that he had been in trouble since his twenties. In a statement issued by his personal office in August and in an interview with “NEWS POST SEVEN,” it was finally revealed that the damage was caused by his investment in Mr. A, a self-proclaimed FX trader in his 20s, and a real estate investment proposed by Mr. B, a former entertainment-related person. Both Mr. A and Mr. B are unregistered.

Both Mr. A and Mr. B are unregistered traders, and it is illegal for them to handle investments from others. The total amount invested in FX was over 100 million yen, and real estate investment was 500 million yen. Only 160 million yen of the real estate investment was refunded. Kimoto also claims that he only introduced Mr. A and Mr. B to acquaintances who were interested in investing, that he never took any commissions, and that he never forcefully solicited them.

As of August, Mr. A submitted a repayment plan through his attorney, but the plan was not satisfactory, and negotiations are underway with a view to litigation. Mr. B and I have basically agreed on a repayment plan and are negotiating to finalize the details, so we are gradually finding a way to resolve the issue.

FRIDAY contacted Kimoto to ask about his current situation.

–Did you find out what he did with the 100 million yen he deposited with Mr. A of FX?

I don’t know exactly. I think he probably spent that money on cycling. I think he was trading well at first. But it didn’t work out, and he confessed to me that he got scared and diverted it.

–As for the other real estate agent, Mr. B, you said that you were satisfied with the repayment plan.

No, there was no repayment. I had set a condition that he should have a co-signer for the repayment plan, and I have not received a response yet. My first priority was to get the money back, so I have been waiting and believing in him, but I think it’s time to consult with a lawyer and consider legal action.

–Of the 500 million yen deposited with Mr. B, 160 million yen has been repaid. What was the missing 340 million yen used for?

We are really investigating every possible means to find out.

–What would you like to say to our readers and senior members of the entertainment world who are worried about you?

I can only apologize and thank those who are worried about me. I am also sorry that I have not been able to communicate directly with them in my own words.

Kimoto was consistent and sincere in his responses to our interviews. The problem is more complicated than it appears, and it will take more time to solve it. I would like to wait for a place where Kimoto can tell the whole story in her own words.

As for the resurrection of the duo, he said, “I would be happy if we could do so, but right now I’m still working on ……. I am grateful to my partner.
Unpublished article from the magazine Direct hit! Takehiro Kimoto of TKO: “I am considering legal action against the 340 million yen that has not been returned.
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Direct hit! Takehiro Kimoto, TKO: “Considering legal means for the 340 million yen that has not been returned.

From the October 14, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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