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Rebound to 140 kg in one year! The surprising background of Kim Jong-Un’s “drastic weight gain

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Left: Last December. Right: October this year. Clearly, he is a fuller man (Image: Korea Central News Agency/Korea News Service/AP/Afro).

He looks like a different person than he did a year ago.

Last September, when North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un paraded in the military parade marking the 73rd anniversary of the country’s founding, he had clearly lost weight. The flesh on his neck had fallen off and his jawline had sharpened. The hems of his trousers flapped in the wind, giving the impression that they no longer fit. However, ……. Shinichi Hen, editor-in-chief of Korea Report and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, explains.

Recent footage of Kim Jong-Un shows that his weight has increased dramatically. His jaw has doubled, his neck is hidden, and his body is fleshy and his suit is tight. According to an analysis by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, Kim Jong-un weighed about 90 kg when he first appeared on the stage as the successor to his father, Kim Jong-il, in 2009, and it is said that his weight had increased to 140 kg by 2007.

Perhaps concerned about his health, he lost about 20 kg last September. There were rumors that she might be ill, but she seems to have succeeded in losing weight through exercise and diet. However, he has now rebounded. It is believed that she has once again gained up to 140 kilograms.”

Mrs. Guti spilled the beans.

It is not only his weight that has increased. Kim Jong-Un, who is a smoker, seems to be smoking more cigarettes as well. Mr. Hen continues.

Kim Jong-Un has been known as a heavy smoker since he was a teenager. He tried to quit smoking in March 2004, but it did not last long.

At the inter-Korean summit meeting held in September 2006, Ri Seol-soo is said to have made the following complaint to the South Korean side: “(Kim Jong-un) doesn’t seem to be very happy. Kim Jong-Un doesn’t want to stop smoking, even though it is bad for his health. He says it is bad for his health. Please say something to him.

Why does Kim Jong-Un increase his weight and smoke so much?

It’s stress. Since his meeting with President Trump in June 2006, there has been no progress in relations with the U.S. The “Five-Year Strategy for Economic Development,” which was announced in May 2004, has yielded little results. The “Five-Year Strategy for Economic Development” announced in May 2004 has yielded almost no results. The Pyongyang General Hospital and the Wonsan Resort in the eastern part of the country, which were initiated with great enthusiasm, have yet to be completed.

In addition, the people have recently become exhausted and dissatisfied due to natural disasters and the spread of the new coronavirus, and since becoming the leader of North Korea in December 2011, there have been nothing but headwinds. The people’s feelings are not at rest at all. I think frustration is building up considerably.

Kim Jong-Un’s days of binge drinking and smoking are likely to continue for some time.

  • Photo Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service/AP/Afro

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