Scouted by the president at a store… Yui Asakura, “Dress photo from her days as a lounge girl” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scouted by the president at a store… Yui Asakura, “Dress photo from her days as a lounge girl”

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A photo of Asakura taken in a private room at the lounge “A” in June 2020.

The eyes of Asakura, looking straight into the camera, “almost sucked everyone in,” according to a former employee of the famous lounge “A.” “I was convinced that she would sell,” he said. A former employee of the famous lounge “A” recalled, “I was convinced that this girl would definitely sell. The former employee, who said he was “an amateur in the entertainment industry, but I have confidence in my eyes for women,” offered a photo of Yui Asakura (26), who got her big break as Aguilera in “Masked Rider Revise” (TV Asahi).

As previously reported in this issue of FRIDAY, Asakura’s repeated tardiness for photo shoots and rejection of her photo book got her in trouble with her agency, LIBERA, and her contract was terminated on August 30. When several media outlets subsequently reported on her “bad behavior” episodes, Asakura refuted them in Bunshun Online. This has led to a mud-slinging battle.

Asakura admitted to Bunshun Online that she was late for the photo shoot and that her photo book was rejected, but denied the rumor that she had worked at a cabaret club in the past. She explained, “I was late for the photo shoot and the photo book was rejected.

I don’t know how it will be twisted and reported in the media, so I’m going to talk about it. It was not a cabaret club, but when I really needed money, I worked at a bar-like establishment run by the president for a week.

The former employee, who had been watching a series of news reports, felt uncomfortable with Asakura’s words and decided to be interviewed by this magazine. What do you mean!

Ms. Asakura came to our store around June of 2020. She had been an idol under a different stage name before she got her big break as Aguilera, but she had quit. I guess she was looking for a job that would give her some quick money until she found her next agency, so she decided to do night work. That in itself is a common practice, but I was disappointed when I heard her say that she worked at a bar-like establishment run by the president of the company.

It is true that the president of LIBELA touches the management of our company, but she was not working at the behest of the president. She called a scout on her own and came for an interview. When the president entertained a client at our store, Asakura happened to be in charge of customer service. He said, “This girl is good!” The president scouted her on the spot. All the employees were impressed by this wonderful Cinderella story. I remember as if it were only yesterday that we held a send-off party at a sushi restaurant to celebrate her debut.

We all loved her so much that we asked her, “If she sells, will you stop talking to us? Don’t forget to tell her we never happened! We joked about it and sent her off. For us, he was a star of hope. That’s why I was shocked to see Mr. Asakura falsely claiming that the restaurant was “like a bar,” as if our relationship had never happened.

We are a lounge, not a bar. We are not a bar, but a lounge, and girls in glamorous clothes sit next to customers and serve them. It’s like a cabaret club. The difference is the price structure and the clientele. If you do karaoke in a private room, the bill is no less than 200,000 yen. I think Ms. Asakura worked around 10 times, but she must have received about 8,000 yen per hour. Ms. Asakura said, ‘I want to earn 250,000 yen a month,’ but I think she could afford it,” said a former employee.

This photo was shared among the employees and soon became popular.

Asakura also criticized LIBERA in the Bunshun Online interview, saying that the office did nothing in the stalking case and that there was a problem with the payment of salaries, etc. LIBERA countered that it was cooperating fully with the police in the stalking case. They are considering taking legal action against her after obtaining objective evidence, claiming that her public announcement that there was a problem with the payment of salaries “constitutes defamation.

In 2021, she dominated the world of special effects heroes and gravure. The battle broke out just when it was “just getting started. It is nothing but a barren battle with nothing to gain for either Asakura or LIBERA, the company that discovered her.

According to a former employee, the birth of “Asakura Yui” began when she caught the eye of LIBERA’s president while serving customers at “A.
When she was photographed by FRIDAY living halfway with Sekoguchi Ryo (25, back), she defended herself by saying, “I was sheltered from a stalker.
Asakura has often made headlines.
Asakura when this magazine reported her “semi-cohabitation.
Asakura and Asakura when this magazine reported their “semi-cohabitation
The two when this magazine reported their “semi-cohabitation

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