Hiroyuki: “Dirty letters” comment on the Henoko sit-in sign on his program caused a stir. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki: “Dirty letters” comment on the Henoko sit-in sign on his program caused a stir.

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Hiroyuki is under fire for his comments about the sit-in at Henoko, Okinawa…

“I don’t think it was in front of someone’s grave. Isn’t it someone’s ‘dirty writing’?”

Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” the founder of “2channel” and a businessman, appeared live on the October 7 broadcast of the network program “Abema Prime” (commonly known as “Abepura”). He discussed the controversy surrounding his “smile and peace” in front of a billboard at Henoko, Okinawa.

It all started on the 3rd of this month, when Hiroyuki reported on his Twitter account that he had visited in front of the gate of the U.S. military camp Schwab in Henoko, Nago City, Okinawa. At the site were

“3011 days of unyielding sit-in protest until the abandonment of the new base.

Hiroyuki questioned the fact that no one was at the site, although there was a sign that read

Since there was no one there for the sit-in protest, shouldn’t we make it 0 days?

and posted a picture of himself smiling and peacefully in front of the sign.

Later, it was learned that they only hold protests when the landfill trucks come three times a day, and the program showed footage of Hiroyuki visiting the site again the next day. Then he was stopped by base opponents, and the situation became so tense that angry shouts were exchanged. Surrounded by multiple opponents

A woman asked, “Where is the definition of ‘sit-in’ if you are not doing it 24 hours a day?

A woman complained, “It’s written in the dictionary.

A woman asked, “It’s in the dictionary. Just search for “sit-in,” and you’ll find it.

Hiroyuki countered.

In the studio, several guests argued with each other about their own ideas, but the host announcer said, “The reason why the discussion is not progressing is because the pictures are not smiling.

The reason why the discussion did not progress was that the photo was of a smiling face and a peace. It’s not easy to do that if you’re going to be a peace activist or a war veteran in a place that is symbolic of this issue. I thought, “I’m not a child. How about here?”

I tossed the question to him.

I said, “I don’t think that sign was in front of someone’s grave. Isn’t that someone’s ‘dirty writing’?”

Hiroyuki countered. In response, Seyarogai Ojisan, a You Tuber and comedian who lives in Okinawa, replied, “I don’t think it was in front of someone’s grave.

I don’t think it was necessary to say “dirty characters” at all. That’s where the insulting mindset of Mr. Hiroyuki comes out,” he criticized.

He criticized the program, saying, “In the program, I said that I was a “French” person.

In the program, he also said that he was a “minority living in France,” as if he had nothing to do with Okinawa. Either way, Hiroyuki was probably calculating to inflame the flames. When he was told at the beginning of the program that the phrase “#Hiroyuki is leaving” had started trending, he was quick to laugh it off, saying, “I don’t really feel like I’m leaving, but I’m having trouble with the number of followers I have on Twitter. And there he is again.

I think this is exactly what Hiroyuki is after. He knows that he will get flamed, so he anticipates it and makes his You Tube and Twitter sites buzz.

Last year, Hiroyuki confessed in a broadcast that his highest monthly income on YouTube was “$130,000 (14 million yen at that time). Now that he has more followers, it is possible that the figure is even higher.

He also says that he spends no more than 50,000 yen a month and has bought canned juice from a vending machine no more than 10 times in his life. He confesses on the program that he has continued to be thrifty and currently has 400 million yen in savings.

How far will the earnest wishes of the Okinawan people never reach?

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