Watermelon splitting is also a no-no… A surprising reason for the decrease of “punishment games” on TV nowadays | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Watermelon splitting is also a no-no… A surprising reason for the decrease of “punishment games” on TV nowadays

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The “Punishment Game Safety Handler’s License” project on “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS), which aired on August 24, has become a hot topic among TV people.

Panther’s Takahiro Ogata was praised as a “threat” by Tetsuro Izukawa (58), a leading expert in the art of reaction. He appears in almost every aggressive project on “Wednesday’s Downtown.

The plan was to test the theory that “the office would accept a ‘special training’ course for painful punishments under the current circumstances” due to the tightening of compliance. The plan was to have Takahiro Ogata (45) of “Panther” and Otake (39) of “Jungle Pocket” attend a training session and then subject them to punishing games such as hot oden and electric chairs, in what appeared to be a challenge to the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization). The content of the program was like a letter of challenge to the BPO (Broadcasting Policy and Program Improvement Organization). The industry has been praising the project.

The director of a production company confides, “There are so many restrictions on the games and plans that we can’t laugh at this project.

A director of a production company confided, “Harisen, which used to be a staple of variety shows, has been banned because it falls under the BPO’s definition of ‘laughter caused by painful acts. In a project to eat extremely spicy food, it is not acceptable for the performers to react with excessive “hot! The reason for this is that it “looks like a game of punishment. It is no longer possible to cast anyone other than celebrities who like hot and spicy food. Watermelon splitting,” a staple summer project, has also recently become a NG at the discretion of the site, due to excessive awareness of complaints from the visually impaired. I have never heard of any complaints being received. ……”

The number of NG items has only increased due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The “two-person wings” are now NG because of the wall of social distance. Pantyhose coverings are also avoided because they seem to conflict with lookism. Many are self-imposed restrictions, and the problem is that the upper management of the station is too conscious of complaints. …… In the field, “Guru Ninety-Nine” (NTV’s “Gochi ni Naru! (NTV) “Guru Ninety-Nine” may also be in danger. In this time of recession, the loser is forced to pay for everyone else’s meals, and this might be considered a violation of the viewer’s rights. (producer at a key station).

The TV crews, forbidden to use punitive games, came up with the reversal of the rule: “If you succeed, you get a free pass.

The winning team would get to enjoy rare sweets and other treats ……. This would also allow popular actors who appeared on the show to participate. It is popular because you can see the reactions of top actors who do not usually appear in variety shows,” said a director of a production company.

There are also programs that circumvent the restrictions and successfully sublimate the punishing game into entertainment.

The “Lavit! (TBS) turns the standard mustard cream puff game into a reverse game of “guess the best cream puff” and makes the audience play the punishment game from the morning (laugh). (laughs). (laugh). Depending on how they are presented, it is possible to broadcast punishing games and reaction plays in a way that fits Reiwa. This is where the TV people really show their skills. I think it is the right thing to do to warn children at home before complaining to the stations that their children are imitating the games and reaction plays, but we can’t say that. ……

The day when we can no longer laugh at the punitive license system may be closer than we think. ……

FRIDAY” October 14, 2022 issue

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