Why was actor Ryohei Suzuki “in the shape of a demon” at a temple in Chiba Prefecture? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why was actor Ryohei Suzuki “in the shape of a demon” at a temple in Chiba Prefecture?

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Just standing there with his arms crossed, he has this power. You can feel its aura even from a distance.

On a night in early October, a funeral scene for a TV drama was being filmed at a temple in Chiba Prefecture. A man in a suit and black tie stood with his arms crossed in front of the spotlighted camera. He is Ryohei Suzuki (39). Suzuki’s arms are crossed as if to suppress the trembling of his thick chest plate, and his face, looking down, is in the very shape of a demon. The power of his face was so strong that it could be felt even by the yajibas, who were watching the filming from a little distance away.

This was the filming of “Elpisu: Hope or Disaster” (Kantele/Fuji TV), which will start airing on October 24. The lead role in the film is played by Masami Nagasawa (35), an announcer who has fallen from her ace position due to a scandal. The role of Takuro Kishimoto, a young director with no prospects for advancement, is played by Atsushi Maeda (22), and the role of Takuro’s senior, Shoichi Saito, an ace reporter at the news bureau, is played by Ryohei Suzuki.

The filming was cranked in mid-August, and because of the development of the case, they are shooting on location in various places, making for a very hard schedule. Mr. Suzuki is famous for his stoicism in getting into a single role. As soon as he finishes shooting a scene, he returns to the location car and reads the script all the way through, which causes a lot of tension among the staff during shooting. Even so, during breaks, he would talk to the staff with a very soft smile, as if to relieve their tension, and the staff is soothed by his smile,” said a staff member on set.

When the crew called “Cut! was called, Ryohei Suzuki’s expression changed from a devilish expression to a Buddha-like soft one. Even from a distance, one can sense the friendly atmosphere between the staff, and the filming seems to be going very well.

While we are looking forward to Suzuki’s powerful performance, the co-starring of the three leading actors, including Nagasawa and Maeda, is not to be missed.

After the cut, Suzuki is chatting with the other actors and staff. The staff is said to be soothed by his smile.

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