A woman accuses the vocalist of the popular band “Grapevine” of having a “double affair! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A woman accuses the vocalist of the popular band “Grapevine” of having a “double affair!

Mr. Tanaka was also active in writing, and his essay "Gathering in Crowds" as a "good father" is scheduled to be published in a Japanese language textbook. In the year marking the 25th anniversary of his debut, we have the exclusive scoop on the whole story of his bogged-down, double-dealing affair.

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‘I was looking for an emotional connection, but all he wanted was a physical connection. I feel as if he had thrown me in the trash. I also resent the fact that he is acting as a “good father of three children” while having an affair with me.

Mr. Tanaka is sound asleep after a secret meeting with Ms. A. A ring is glistening on the ring finger of his left hand. A ring is shining on his left ring finger.

Ms. A, a fan of the popular three-piece rock band “GRAPEVINE,” shared her feelings with us. The person to whom she revealed her anger is the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Kazumasa Tanaka (48).

GRAPEVINE has been making its presence felt since its debut in 1997, and has been highly acclaimed for its musicality, which has enthralled its core fans. This year marks the 25th anniversary of their debut. Mr. Tanaka also writes lyrics, and in recent years he has been using his writing talent to pursue his writing career. A married father of three, Tanaka has published highly acclaimed works depicting his interactions with his children and their growth. His essay “Gathering in Flocks” published in the July 2008 issue of the literary magazine Bungaku Kai (Literary World) has been selected for inclusion in a Japanese language textbook for high schools, “Seisen Bungaku Kokugo,” scheduled for publication in 2011. What was the secret face he showed to a woman who has been an ardent fan of the group since its formation?

The first interaction between Ms. A and Mr. Tanaka dates back to May of last year, when an account that appeared to be Mr. Tanaka’s suddenly appeared in the “Maybe I know you” column of Ms. A’s messaging application.

At first I wondered why Mr. Tanaka had added me as a friend. I gave Mr. Tanaka a letter with my phone number during an event held at the Nagoya Quattro live venue in 2006, so that may have been how he registered me.

After confirming that he was Kazumasa Tanaka, Mr. A and Mr. Tanaka began exchanging messages about once a month. At first, their relationship was limited to that of “fan and musician.

However, around the end of October last year, the two hit it off over a discussion of Western music hobbies, and their relationship rapidly grew closer. One night, a drunken Mr. Tanaka sent Ms. A a message saying that he would be happy to meet her someday and asking her to send him a photo of her feet. Ms. A recalls how she felt at the time.

I have to admit that I was quite reluctant when he asked for photos of my legs, but I was just too happy because I was a fan. After that, the requests for sexual photos and videos of me in my underwear escalated.

Ms. A sent him sexually explicit videos and pictures, and they began to get excited about their “secret meeting.

At the end of April, knowing that they were both married, they agreed to meet after a live event to be held at the end of May in Aichi Prefecture, Mr. A’s hometown. They decided to meet after a live event to be held at the end of May in Mr. A’s hometown in Aichi Prefecture.

Ms. A drove to the venue and parked in a VIP parking lot designated by Mr. Tanaka for the purpose of meeting up with the audience without being seen. After the concert, Mr. Tanaka got into Ms. A’s car, drove her to a city hotel in Nagoya Station that had been reserved in advance. That is how the two had a physical relationship.

The two met again after GRAPEVINE’s one-man live concert in Nagoya in early July. After the concert, they even made arrangements for Ms. A to sneak into Mr. Tanaka’s room at the hotel where other members were also staying.

The arrangement before sneaking into the hotel. They were happily discussing whether or not they would share a bath towel and how Mr. A would spend his time after sneaking into the room.

They snuck into the room as planned and Mr. A waited, but Mr. Tanaka returned terribly drunk.

He said, “‘Sorry, I’m too drunk to have sex.’ We didn’t do the deed, but he touched me all night long.”

But after that day, Tanaka’s attitude changed completely. He began to respond to my messages, which we had exchanged several times a day, more slowly, and gradually began to respond coldly.

We talked about plans to meet after the third live concert in Osaka in September, but Mr. Tanaka began to say things like, ‘I’m old and it might be tough,’ and ‘It’s still tough for me to meet you. I had already fallen in love with him, so I told him that I wanted to go back to our previous relationship, but there was nothing I could do about it. ……

Mr. Kazumasa Tanaka’s attitude toward women has changed from the intimacy of their “secret meetings,” and he is now depressed about them.

The relationship between the two could no longer be dismissed as a mere fling. Ms. A confides her feelings for Mr. Tanaka: “Of course, I knew he was married, but I was still in a relationship with him.

Of course, it was my fault that I knew he was married and had relations with him. I understand that. However, I could not forgive Mr. Tanaka for treating women like objects. After all, all he wanted was a physical connection. It was so selfish that I was really shocked.

Is the relationship between Ms. A and Mr. Tanaka really real? We directly interviewed Mr. Tanaka in front of his home.

Mr. Tanaka at the time of the direct interview. He barely answered our reporter’s questions.

-I would like to ask you about your relationship with Ms. A.

Mr. Tanaka said, “Well, I can’t talk about it because I have to tell you through the company. I’m sorry, it’s difficult for me to talk about it.

-Is it true that you had a relationship?

Yes. ・・・・・・

After saying this, he sat down on the ground as if nodding off.

Later, when I sent a letter to his office, I received the following response.

It is true that as we continued our conversation on the message app, it developed into a male-female conversation, and while there may have been some comments in that conversation, such as ‘I want to see it,’ I never instructed or coerced him to do so.

As you pointed out, Tanaka and the woman had a relationship on May 29 of this year after she appeared at an event in Aichi Prefecture. The woman proposed to Tanaka that they ‘meet’ after specifying a date, but Tanaka refused several times. However, after several exchanges, I told her that we would meet only once. We agreed to meet in Nagoya, had dinner, and had relations.

After meeting with the woman, Tanaka thought, “This kind of relationship is still not good,” and told her so. However, he could not refuse the woman’s invitation, and they met again in Nagoya on July 8. Tanaka did not have a relationship with the woman at that time because he strongly felt the same way as described above. There is no doubt that Tanaka met the woman on these two occasions. After the two meetings, he received several messages asking if they could meet again, but Tanaka refused each time because he did not want to repeat his mistake.

Furthermore, Tanaka made the following comment through his office.

I deeply regret that I made a mistake due to my weak will. Even though we were in a mutually consensual relationship, I sincerely regret that I hurt the other woman’s feelings and that I should have been more sincere in telling her that when I felt I could no longer continue our conversation on the messaging app.”

Tanaka acknowledged the adulterous relationship and sincerely expressed his remorse. For the sake of his fans, we hope that he will continue his future activities with “sincerity” as he said.

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