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Why Miyuki Torii & Paradise Nakagawa Formed a Comedy Unit

Confession to this magazine! I'm a person who has lived in the shadows. I admire your 'sunny' side." "I think, 'I found a nice tree to stay in! (laugh)" "Let's aim for next year's M-1 championship with Reiwa's hit end-run♪!

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The two are also good friends in private. Torii cannot drink alcohol, so they often go to cafes and other places for tea.

To be honest, it was unexpected. I didn’t expect Miyuki Torii (41) to fill in for Daisuke Muramoto (41), who is leaving for the US! The eccentricities of the two actors are not dissimilar, but the two are not the same. …… Nakagawa Paradise (41) of “Woman Rush Hour” will hold a live concert “White Paradise, Black Bird” with her in November. Both of them are almost the same age and have the same artistic background. What in the world led them to form a very different unit?

Torii: “ This year, I had the opportunity to play the lead role in a play, and Nakagawa-kun was my co-star. I was relieved to have a comedian in the theater. I felt nervous when I was surrounded only by actors. He must have felt a sense of familiarity with me, because he would always ask me, “Where will you meet tomorrow? He asked me every time.

Nakagawa: “ Toward the end, Torii would send me the details of the rehearsals.

-Nakagawa: “In the end, Torii would send me the details of the rehearsals. What made you decide to form a unit?

Torii : “ Around August of this year, Nakagawa-kun asked me if I wanted to do something. Nakagawa “She is a difficult person to live with.

Nakagawa: “ She is a difficult person to live with, or in a word? A social misfit? She was like a social misfit (laughs). (laughs) “Like my partner Muramoto, I thought I had the ability to get along with people who have a hard time living like that.

Torii: “ For me, I am a counselor. I have been a pin comedian for a long time, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to form a unit.

Nakagawa: “ Torii has interesting ideas and is good for drawing pictures. Nakagawa: “Torii’s ideas are interesting and make a good picture. I wonder if I’m good enough.

Torii: “ From my point of view, Nakagawa-kun is definitely unreachable. I think of myself as someone who has lived in the shadows, so I think it’s great that he’s a sunny, wayward type of person.

Nakagawa : “ That’s a bad way to put it (laughs).

Torii “ He never complains about others, and has no remorse or depression at all. I want to be but I can’t be, I am the complete opposite. We are like the moon and the sun; he makes me shine, and I think I can make him shine too.”

–Nakagawa: “Are you in charge of the basics?

Nakagawa: “ For the live performances, I have the cooperation of the scriptwriter/director Hayashi Haiji. Torii comes up with the ideas, and Hayashi-san creates the world view. I just nod my head (laughs).

Torii : “ It’s just like Uman’s manzai!

Nakagawa: “ In Woman, Muramoto made the material. I thought, ‘I can make it too,’ but I didn’t have confidence in myself. At that time, I thought, ‘I’ve found just the right tree. Torii Miyuki was the tree that would bring me money instead of Muramoto.

Torii I hope it makes money.

Nakagawa: “ Don’t say such a scary thing all of a sudden (laugh).

–Nakagawa “How much of the live performance has been completed at this point (end of September)?

Nakagawa We are in the stage of discussing ideas. I think it would be good to try both comedy and manzai.

–Nakagawa “We are in the process of discussing ideas.

Torii “ Yesterday, Nakagawa suddenly asked me, ‘Torii Paradise? Torii: “Yesterday, Nakagawa suddenly said, ‘Torii Paradise? Nakagawa “Yesterday, Nakagawa suddenly said, ‘Torii Paradise’ (laughs).

Nakagawa “ Well, it wouldn’t be cool if it was a cool name and it was boring.

Torii “ Nakagawa Miyuki” is also a little bit awkward. People will think I got remarried (laugh).

Next year, she plans to participate in “M-1” as well. Reiwa’s hit-and-run will be the key to victory.

Torii and Muramoto are good friends, but they have not reported that they are teaming up with Paradise yet. Torii and Muramoto are good friends, but they have yet to report that they are teaming up with Paradise.

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