The true face of the “venture company president with assets of 1.7 billion yen” who won over Ayaka Hironaka | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The true face of the “venture company president with assets of 1.7 billion yen” who won over Ayaka Hironaka

A cheerful person from Osaka" reported her marriage within the company.

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Anna Hironaka was interviewed directly by this magazine on a different matter in 2008. She answered the interview in a relaxed manner and with a smile from beginning to end, and the reporter couldn’t help but be amused!

I’ve never traveled to Africa, so if I had the chance, I’d like to give it a try.

Last year, TV Asahi announcer Ayaka Hironaka, 31, talked about marriage in a women’s magazine. The marriage, which was thought to be a long time coming, was suddenly announced on September 30.

She was appointed sub-MC of “Music Station” in 2001 when she was a rookie, and is currently working on three popular programs, including “Gekirea-san o tsukitaita. and three other popular programs. She has also published a photo book and a book of essays. She has won Oricon’s “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking” three times in a row, and a TV Asahi insider describes her as “literally a person of talent and color.

She is sincere and honest in her work. Even though she is a popular TV announcer, she doesn’t get all uppity, and she makes programs from the same perspective as a staff member of the station. Whenever she is asked to appear on a quiz show, she piles up kanji and history drills on her desk and starts studying a week in advance. She grew up with a father who was an executive at a major corporation and a mother with a passion for education, and she attended Keio University from junior high school, so she is serious and proper.

In her private life, she is not the “innocent” character she appears to be on TV, but is instead a “sissy and straightforward” person.

“She teases a junior male director she is close with at a drinking party, saying, ‘Hey, you there, glasses! Until about two years ago, I shared a room with a female colleague of mine, and we used to make nukazuke pickles together and have a party once a year inviting people from the company to our room. Once a year, we would invite people from the company to our room for a party. She is very active and refreshing, and has many friends of both sexes.

What kind of person won over such a perfect Anna? The man whom Hironaka introduced in an internal e-mail as “a cheerful person who is from Osaka and speaks in a Kansai dialect,” is Shogo Okada, 31, the president of a venture company. He is an up-and-coming young businessman who founded an English coaching service company in 2004 and achieved sales of 1.7 billion yen in three years. He has assets of about 1.7 billion yen, including his own and his asset management company’s holdings. An acquaintance of his says, “‘My dream is for someone to be able to speak English.

He is so passionate that he says in private, ‘My dream is to eliminate people who cannot speak English. I remember he used to bring his PC to the counter of a bar and work while drinking. One day, a famous athlete expressed his desire to study English, so I suggested that Okada-san’s company sponsor him. I suggested that Okada-san’s company should sponsor him. Then he said, ‘That sounds great! and he immediately approached me. He is a man of action and never lies in his words. She has ambition, but no evil intentions.

The fact that Hironaka’s parents, who were very strict and did not approve of her career as a female TV announcer or her variety of activities, approved of her marriage is proof that Okada is the real deal. We look forward to her further success with the best partner she has ever had.

Hironaka one day hurrying through the streets of Roppongi. She did not aspire to be a female announcer, and even when she was solicited to enter a beauty contest during her college years, she turned it down.
In a previous interview with a women’s magazine, she said that her favorite type of man is “more of a third-person, cheerful guy. Someone who is fun to be with and someone who gives me cheerfulness.
A photo of Okada’s birthday celebration with his employees; on October 3, the company announced on its website that he had married Ayaka Hironaka of TV Asahi.

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