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Yurina Hirate: “The Next Step” for the heroine of “Roppongi Class” by a mysterious connection

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Yurina Hirate played the heroine in the drama “Roppongi Class”. It was probably the work that established her as an actress…

Actor Ryoma Takeuchi stars in the Thursday theater drama “Roppongi Class” (TV Asahi). Even now, after the last episode has aired, there is no end to the number of viewers who are still basking in the afterglow of the drama.

This drama is a Japan-original remake of the popular Korean drama “Itaewon Class. It is a moving story about a young man, Arata Miyabe (Takeuchi), who stands on the edge of despair, vows revenge, and together with his friends, confronts the giant corporation “Nagaya Holdings” that wields money and power, and finally overcomes it.

The story is about a man who vows to take revenge on the giant corporation “Choya Holdings,” a company that wields money and power, and how he and his friends finally overcome the company.

Aoi, played by Hirate, is the secretary of Shin’s store “Miyabe 2nd Shop” and is the most impactful character in the film, with an IQ of 162, an influencer who goes her own way without flattery, and a sharp fashion sense and business sense. The role of the devilish character dressed in high brand clothes was said to be ‘perfect for Hirate’ from the very beginning of the show,” said a person involved in a wide range of media.

Hirate was told by producer Yasushi Akimoto during her audition for the role of Keyakizaka 46 that she was “not yet perfect.

Hirate was described by producer Yasushi Akimoto during her audition for Zelkova 46 as “a genius we will never see again.

Hirate made her debut at the age of 14, and set a milestone by playing the center role in every single song she performed until she left the group.

However, her life in show business has not been smooth sailing.

Hirate’s agency at the time tried to turn down an offer to do “Roppongi Class,” which led to a lot of speculation over the issue of her leaving the agency. However, with each episode of “Roppongi Class,” Hirate’s acting ability was highly acclaimed, and the negative image of the show was dispelled. It became the driving force behind the V-shaped recovery in viewer ratings.

Ryuichi Nishiyama, producer of “Roppongi Class,” who watched Hirate’s performance up close, said, “She is an extraordinary talent,” “She is serious and stoic, and what I feel when I see her on the set is that she is tremendously prepared. On top of that

He values what is created on the spot when he is on set, and he is flexible enough to surrender himself to what happens in communication with the other actors.

She is not only praised for her acting ability, but also for her appearance as an actress.

Hirate, who also showed the demeanor of a great actress during the filming

From the 12th episode to the final episode, Yurina Hirate’s charm shined through.

In the 12th episode, she finally realizes her feelings for Aoi. She is hit by a bullet and wanders on the verge of death, but comes back to life and goes to rescue the imprisoned Aoi in the climactic scene where she takes on the challenge of action. The last scene of episode 13 (the last episode) attracted a lot of attention even before it went on the air.

Although the 40-second kiss scene seen in “Itaewon Class” was not included, the flow from “I love you” to the back hug expressed the modesty of the Japanese, and many viewers were “dying of love” for it.

Among the many highlights, there is one more scene in episode 12 that should not be missed. In the dream of Shin, who was shot and wandering on the verge of death, Aoi, played by Hirate, shows her performance.

In the dream, he is reunited with his late father, Shinji (Ken Mitsuishi). After having a meal at his old home, he crosses the bridge between the other world and this world. I was fascinated by the scene in which he recalls Aoi’s golden words and says, ‘Even if I have a hard night ahead of me, I have friends who need me,’ and then leaves his father and comes back to life.

Let’s take a look back at the scene.

Aoi confesses, “If I had a previous or next life, I would not have wanted to be born.

Aoi confesses, “If I had a previous or next life, I would not have wanted to be born. However

“It’s hard to live, but I met the representative, and these words resonate in my heart.

I don’t care how many times it takes. It’s a cruel life, once again.

Aoi’s face, smiling as she mutters these words, is full of divine love.

This scene reminded me of when Hirate left Keyakizaka 46 in ’20. Hirate said on a radio program shortly afterward that she ‘didn’t want to talk about it’ as to why she left the group.

The truth is still unknown, but it was made into a documentary film, which generated a lot of speculation. Perhaps it is because Hirate overcame such numerous ordeals that the golden words of the German thinker Nietzsche stuck with her.

There is another connection between “Roppongi Class” and Yurina Hirate.

The person who recommended Hirate for the role of Aoi in “Roppongi Class” was Chu Guan-jin, the author of the manga “Itaewon Class. The film that led to this recommendation was the movie “Hibiki-Hibiki. Mitsuharu Yanagimoto, who worked on the original story, has been watching the activities of Keyakizaka 46 since their debut and said that if the time came for a live-action version of “Hibiki-Hibiki-” to be made, he would have chosen Hirate to play the lead role.

Yurina Hirate was led by a mysterious fate to play Aoi Asamiya in “Roppongi Class”. She may be one of the heroines chosen by the muse of the entertainment industry.

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