Prime Minister Kishida’s eldest son’s “reputation and suspicious rumors” are being criticized as a “parent idiot appointment. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Prime Minister Kishida’s eldest son’s “reputation and suspicious rumors” are being criticized as a “parent idiot appointment.

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With the start of the extraordinary session of the Diet, Prime Minister Kishida is expected to come under intense scrutiny regarding the decision-making process for the state funeral and the former Unification Church issue. Under such circumstances, the appointment of a relative with “suspicious rumors” as his secretary may have been a last resort to maintain his mental state.

Prime Minister Kishida is expected to come under intense scrutiny.

On October 4, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (65) announced that his eldest son, Shotaro (31), would be selected as his political secretary. Takayoshi Yamamoto, who has served as secretary to the prime minister for one year since the start of the administration, is now in the office of the Diet member. He will be joined by Takashi Shimada, former administrative vice minister of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, as secretary to the prime minister for political affairs.

Mr. Shimada is a former administrative vice minister at the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and he is a man that ministers look up to,” said Mr. Yamamoto. He is not just the eldest son, but he is also not the first person to be put on the same level as the prime minister. His role will probably start with taking care of the prime minister’s schedule and personal affairs, guiding local influential people to the prime minister’s residence, and accompanying the prime minister on his regional tours. However, by becoming a secretary, you will be able to see the work of the prime minister up close and personal. You will be able to communicate with the heads of state of various countries, attend international conferences, and broaden your knowledge.

The most recent appointment of a relative as secretary to the prime minister was made by his eldest son, Tatsuo, who served as political secretary in Yasuo Fukuda’s cabinet and later took over the position in Gunma’s 4th district. This appointment can also be said to be a de facto nomination of his successor.

Shoutarō graduated from Keio University and worked for Mitsui & Co. before joining Kishida’s office in March 2008. the eldest of three brothers, Shoutarō has appeared on PM Kishida’s social networking sites, and in the 2009 Lower House election he took to the streets of Hiroshima City to hang a wreath for PM Kishida as he traveled across the country. A local supporter said, “Mr. Fumio is also a Waseda professor.

Fumio also helped his father Fumitake’s campaign from his days as a student at Waseda University. Shoutarou also helped with the campaign from his Keio days and has a good reputation for his low profile. He can speak without hesitation at a sit-down meeting with a few people without making a sour face.

Kiyoto Tsuji, 43, a member of the Koike-kai (Kishida Faction) in the House of Representatives, described him as “a nice young man. His secretaries also speak highly of him, saying, “He is good-looking, good-natured, and of good caliber.

He is a graduate of Keio University and a graduate of a trading company, making him well known to Toyota, major life insurers, and the airline industry. He is willing to set up drinking parties with businessmen from the private sector and the secretary of the Koikekai. Like his father, he is a strong drinker, and his color does not change even when he drinks tequila. He also goes along to after-parties, but if it is early the next morning, he tells them that he is coming and leaves more money for them.

Former Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya, 65, who has been friends with Kishida for more than 40 years since their days at Waseda University, said, “Prime Minister Kishida is a good friend.

I remember one day when Kishida was on holiday as foreign minister. I went to Ikinari Steak in Akasaka and bumped into the father and son. I was introduced to Shoutarou for the first time, and he greeted me in a cordial manner. The two men were happily eating steak together, and father and son seemed to be getting along well.

Although her life seems to have been smooth sailing, the aforementioned secretary points out that the “pitfall” lies in her high social skills.

He is naturally popular with the ladies. There have been many “fishy rumors” about him with female announcers and female journalists. He has also been known to socialize with people in the private sector over drinks, and there are concerns that he may have had some compromising interactions or been photographed, as was the case with Akie Abe.

The title of Prime Minister Kishida’s quarterly newspaper is “Sho. Will his eldest son, entrusted with words filled with his thoughts, be able to spread his wings?

  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki Daisuke Iwasaki

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