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NBA Superstar Steph Curry’s “Godly Response

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Curry, who has attended games and events without a break since arriving in Japan, made sure to sign autographs for his fans.

Steph Curry, 34, a superstar in the NBA (U.S. professional basketball) who has been described as “America’s treasure,” is also a “god” when it comes to dealing with fans.

In the 2021-2022 season, he led his Golden State Warriors to their first NBA championship in four years and set a new record for successful 3-point shots in a season. On September 28, Curry, who won the All-Star MVP award and the Finals MVP award, arrived in Japan for the NBA Japan Games 2022, a preseason game against the Washington Wizards, led by Rui Yamura (24).

On September 29, Curry held a basketball class for children, and the NBA official Twitter page showed Curry gently teaching a little girl how to dribble. The video of Curry gently teaching a little girl how to dribble was posted on the official NBA Twitter page and became a hot topic.

In Game 1 on the following day, the 30th, Curry scored 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists in 13 minutes of action. Without any time to rest, on October 1, he showed up at an event at “Curry Court Tennoz Isle,” which bears his name and will open in September 2022. As soon as he arrived at the venue, he showed off his 3-point shooting and dunking skills on the court. He wowed the many fans who gathered there with cameras in hand. It was here that he showed his “divine response. He had to hurry to get to the Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku, but he stopped to sign autographs one by one in front of fans holding colored papers and uniforms.

Curry must have gotten off to a good start in Japan on his way to a second straight NBA championship.

Curry politely signed autographs for each fan who showed up at the event.

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