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Repizen” DJ President “Tired Smoke” after “Ultra Japan

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Even though the club is full of young people in flamboyant fashions, this haircut and this outfit are indeed conspicuous!

At 10 p.m. in mid-September, cabs and courtesy cars were constantly pulling up in front of a club in an alley in Nishiazabu (Minato Ward), and young people in flashy fashions were entering one after another. A man wearing a black lamé jacket emerged from one of the cars and stood out from the crowd. He was holding an Icos in one hand, his long silver hair fluttering in the air, and he was shouting in an authoritative voice. The young people who were milling about in front of the club turned their attention to him at once.

It was the DJ president of Repezen Foxx, a five-member music unit that boasts 3.1 million subscribers to its YouTube channel.

The DJ president and members were invited to the music event “ULTRA JAPAN 2022″ held in Odaiba (Minato-ku) on that day, and it seems that they were enjoying the music for a long time in a very high tension. There was an after-party at the club, and it seems that DJ President went straight there from Odaiba” (a person involved in the music event).

Perhaps quite tired, DJ President came out of the club after about 30 minutes and sat on the guardrail and started smoking Icos. Members DJ Fuoi (26) and DJ Ginta (27), who joined the club from the middle of the night, looked tired as well, and when DJ President called out, “Let’s go home today! and the people around them called for a cab and left Nishiazabu.

In DJ Foy’s video “DJ Foy Twice Clips,” the president is seen looking very excited after being invited to the VVIP seats.

When a member pointed out that he was invited as an audience member and not as an artist, the DJ president said, “Geez…well, we’ll see. Well, when it gets to be my size, it’s going to be a bigger festival than Ultra.

He also expressed his frustration. Next year, we hope to see him on the stage.

DJ President came out of the club only 30 minutes after entering. He looked very tired.

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