On the sudden death of Enraku… “Convincing faces” rushed to his home to offer their condolences. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

On the sudden death of Enraku… “Convincing faces” rushed to his home to offer their condolences.

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Taihei Hayashiya, who rushed from Niigata, where he was performing, had bloodshot eyes and choked on words when asked by the press.

On September 30, rakugo storyteller Sanyutei Enraku VI (72 years old) passed away from lung cancer. Since that night, many mourners have visited his home in Tokyo. One of them, “Laughing Point” member Sanyutei Koraku (76), visited shortly after 8 p.m. and hugged Enraku’s apprentice at the entrance. 30 minutes into his stay, Koraku came out and did not speak to the press, but made a comment through “Laugh Point” (Nippon TV).

I just saw him a few minutes ago. He looked good. The first thing he said was, ‘Why are you going to die before me? He is four years younger than me. It’s too soon.

He wrote of his regret at Enraku’s untimely death. On March 30, another “Laughing Point” member, rakugo storyteller Taihei Hayashiya (57), wrote on his blog

I am a lucky person to have met my master. He brought up Taihei Hayashi of “Laughing Point. Enraku! I want to see you again.”

On the following day, after the “Uonuma Yose 2022 Taihei/Kikumaru Tozai Hayashi Nijinkai” in Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, he went straight to Enraku’s house with a large carry-on bag in his feet. When he emerged a short time later, his eyes were bright red, and when the press asked him about his performance, he replied, “I’m speechless.

I’m sorry, I’m at a loss for words.

I’m sorry.

Other visitors included his student and TV personality Hikaru Ijuin (54) and longtime friend and pro-wrestler Ultimo Dragon (55), who bid farewell to the deceased.

He was a big pro wrestling fan, and when Tenryu-san (72) left All Japan in 1990 and started his own organization, WAR, in 1992, he often took care of young pro wrestlers, including Ultimo Dragon, by letting them stay at his home. Anyway, he loved to be with people, and even after his discharge from the hospital in 2018, his health did not return and he always looked in pain, but he was always there from the beginning to the end at the launch after the Yose. He would lay out his cushion like a futon and sleep the whole time. When I asked him, ‘Master, are you okay?’ he always laughed and said, “I’m fine.

No matter how bad his health was, Enraku always liked to spend time with his friends at banquets. Even now, he must be delighted by the visits of his friends.

Sanyutei Koraku rushed to the scene on the night of his death. He remained silent when asked by the press.
Hikaru Ijuin, who visited to offer his condolences on October 1, also had a hard look on his face and did not speak a word.
Sanyutei Gokuraku, a disciple of Enraku
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