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Teruyuki Kagawa “Roppongi Class” Ends – Why the Best Timing for an Apology Conference?

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Teruyuki Kagawa will disappear from TV for a while after the drama “Roppongi Class” ends…

The popular drama “Roppongi Class” (TV Asahi) reached its final episode on September 29. This means that actor Teruyuki Kagawa, who has dropped out of commercials and morning information programs due to his misconduct with women, will likely disappear from TV for a while.

The trigger was the sexual harassment of a hostess at a Ginza club reported by the weekly Shincho in late August. The following week, not only the Shincho but also the Shukan Bunshun published a follow-up report, and all was not well for Mr. Kagawa. Mr. Kagawa was effectively forced to suspend his activities.

The hostess was not sued by Mr. Kagawa, but by the restaurant, and the settlement had already been reached. Moreover, since a settlement had already been reached, the commercial sponsors were taking a wait-and-see attitude.

In fact, he made a “live apology” on “THE TIME,” an information program (TBS) in which he is a regular MC on Fridays, but he continued to appear on the program. However, the public’s harsh criticism did not subside, and in the end, his commercials were cancelled one after another. In the end, however, the public’s harsh criticism did not abate, and the commercials were cancelled one after another, and “The-” had to be taken off the air as well.

It is true that there were sympathetic voices toward Ms. Kagawa at first. However, strangely enough, as the days went by, harsh words against him began to flood the Internet.

It seems that the trigger was his apology in “THE TIME,” and it was a very good thing that he was able to get the attention of many people. Many people said.

“He will probably drop out of an information program that deals with news.”

I think many people thought, “He’s going to leave an information program that deals with news. However, Mr. Kagawa continued to broadcast as he was, and there was “no blame attached” to him. This led to a lot of criticism, especially on the Internet.

It may be “what if” now, but if he had voluntarily left the information program at the time of his “live apology,” he would have been able to show his apology and remorse not only in words but also in his attitude. If he had done so, the public’s impression of him would have been much different.

Kagawa is likely to disappear from television, but he is scheduled to open a movie “Miyamatsu to Matsushita” on November 18, in which he will play the lead role for the first time in many years. As of now, the film is expected to be released as scheduled. A film industry insider said.

The film has been well received by the public and was reportedly critically acclaimed at a film festival in Spain. Before that, the film had received high acclaim from the people involved and critics at preview screenings in Japan. If not for this scandal, this film would definitely have been nominated for many film awards.

He said.

His skills as an actor are well recognized by everyone. Moreover, he is about to release a highly acclaimed movie, so it is a great opportunity for him to regain his honor.

However, what is troubling is what the public has to say about it. In fact, it was this “public outcry” that led commercial sponsors to cancel the broadcast of the drama.

For this reason, we should definitely hold an apology press conference at the end of the drama.

While “Roppongi Class” is airing, it is not legal to hold an apology press conference in front of the program sponsors. Therefore, the best time is during the month between the end of the drama and the release of the movie. It’s “now or never! It’s “Now!

The world is currently dominated by political topics such as the former Unification Church. This atmosphere is likely to be a tailwind for Mr. Kagawa.

This is because there is a strong possibility that his apology press conference will become a topic of conversation for a shorter period of time. And with the public’s anger directed at politicians who have been inconsolable about their relationship with the former Unification Church, a certain number of people will have the impression that he is “clean” if he makes a quick apology press conference by himself.

(A wide-show insider) “If he returns to work without a proper clean slate, there is a strong possibility that he will rehash the whole fiasco again. And an apology press conference with a return to work in mind is bound to be a failure.

Sexual harassment of a woman is not absolutely acceptable just because she is drunk. However, I think it is also “distasteful” to live in a world in which a return to work is completely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, one-sided apologies made on TV or in magazine interviews are not always well received. I am sure that showing remorse to fans, viewers, and many others by holding an apology press conference will be a big step toward a comeback.

  • Interview and text by Norifumi Arakida (FRIDAY Digital Entertainment Desk)

    Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1975. Worked as a reporter and editor for an evening newspaper and a women's weekly before assuming his current position. Also appears on TV and radio.

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