Popularity Soars with “Emotional Eulogy”! Former Prime Minister Kan’s “reappointment” is a possibility. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popularity Soars with “Emotional Eulogy”! Former Prime Minister Kan’s “reappointment” is a possibility.

Abe's state funeral marks a watershed. The end of the Kishida administration is in sight.

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That eulogy became a “watershed” in the collapse of the Kishida administration…. Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and former Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide during a plenary session of the House of Representatives in December 2016 (Photo: Kyodo News)

It has been almost a week since the “national funeral” of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which divided the public opinion. The uproar is already becoming “over. However, the popularity of former Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide continues to rise. His eulogy, which he read as a representative of his friends, “shook the hearts” of many people.

That “emo eulogy” became a watershed moment.

Those who have spoken to each other and done all they can have never preceded us, so what will the future hold?

Former Prime Minister Abe and Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan were in power for seven years and eight months, spanning the Heisei and Reiwa eras. In her final role as his wife, Kan read out his farewell address to Abe, quoting this poem.

I regret it.

I was so happy for seven years and eight months.”

No one calls Suga Yoshihide “GASU” anymore, as he spoke in a trembling voice to the image of the deceased as he looked up at the audience at the Nippon Budokan.

One of the LDP’s oldest members, who was watching former Prime Minister Kan’s eulogy at the Nippon Budokan, where the event was held, said that the Fumio Kishida administration would not last long after witnessing this spectacle.

The Collapsing Kishida Administration

The public’s ‘feelings’ had been heightened by Mr. Abe’s death, and they peaked with Mr. Kan’s eulogy,” he said. Now that the people’s ‘feelings’ have subsided, this administration will not last much longer. Prime Minister Kishida is dismayed by the quadruple burden of the Unification Association, state funerals, Olympic corruption, and the weak yen and high prices. In his press conferences, he just talks about the same things over and over again, but without any breakthrough measures because he is out of focus.

What awaits us now: dissolution or resignation?

The LDP will not tolerate this folly, which is being derided as a “Unification Church election. I suspect that Prime Minister Kishida will decide to resign rather than dissolve the Diet. Of course, there is also the option of clearing up the Unification Church issue all at once as a purification election. I am not sure if there will be an end to this problem. Is there really an end to this problem?

Who will be Kishida’s successor?

The LDP’s secretary general, Mr. Toshimasa Mogi, is so unpopular that many in the LDP are reluctant to give him the job at all costs. Taro Kono, the minister in charge of digital affairs, has been roundly rejected by the LDP’s Kasumigaseki. Vice President Taro Aso seems to have a one-point plan: Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki. He’s the successor to the Aso faction as finance minister. But all that changed with Abe’s state funeral. After Kishida, I think the only way is for Kan to be reappointed.

Former Prime Minister Kan was “beaten to a pulp” by public opinion during his short term in office and then stepped down.

Strangely enough, however, Kan’s reputation as a man who ran east to west on vaccines has grown since he left office. During his campaign speeches, he received only cheers of ‘thank you,’ not shouts of encouragement. And, more importantly, given the power relations within the party, if Kan were to be reappointed, the Abe, Aso, Nikai, and Mogi factions would be able to compromise.

The problem is that former Prime Minister Kan himself is unsure. He says it cannot be him. But what happens if Kan’s cronies get down on their knees and ask him to do it? The other factions will also say that you are the only one who can save the LDP in its current predicament.

Behind the Scenes of “Kan is the Only One

Another senior LDP official also revealed, “Kan’s group has already been in contact with various quarters.

Another LDP official also revealed, “Kan’s group has already begun running to various quarters to discuss the future management of the administration. The content of these discussions is ‘consultation on the presidential election. Some members of Abe’s faction have also held meetings, and I have heard that they have also approached Mr. Aso.

The senior lawmaker described the current political situation as the most difficult of all, and asserted that former Prime Minister Kan, with his mastery of the bureaucracy, was the only person who could keep Kasumigaseki operating at full capacity.

Since his eulogy at Abe’s funeral, Kan’s popularity has skyrocketed, not only among the public but also within his own party. In an appearance on BS TV, Kan also expressed his dissatisfaction with the economic policies of the Kishida administration, saying, “If the yen is weak, we should come up with economic policies that take advantage of the weak yen. A reporter working for a national newspaper’s political department on Kan’s watchdog said, “Kan has been a strong supporter of the economic policies of the Kishida administration.

Mr. Kan is a professional in managing the economy under a weak yen. For example, he said, “How many foreigners want to come to Japan when the yen is weak and prices are high? It is difficult for foreign tourists to come to Japan because the Corona restrictions are being dragged out forever. Now that the vaccine is widely available, it is a good time for the country to start appealing to tourists. The weak yen is also a good opportunity to sell Japanese brand agriculture, forestry, and fisheries products.

Former Prime Minister Kan has the know-how to deal with the weak yen that he developed under the Abe administration. It is quite simple: three pillars: exports, tourism, and inbound tourism.

When I was Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan, I thoroughly investigated the cause of the difference between South Korea’s 10 million inbound visitors and Japan’s 8.4 million. I found out that the reason was that the Japanese administration, concerned about the unfounded deterioration of security, had difficulty issuing visas. So, with a blackmail from Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan, visa issuance was eased. As a result, the number of foreigners visiting Japan reached a record high of 31.9 million in 2019. Based on that track record, he has been stressing that the current depreciation of the yen is the best opportunity to attract foreign tourists to Japan,” (METI career )

A member of the Kan group said.

A member of the Kan group said, “Mr. Kan once said he had not the slightest intention of reappearing on the board. But after the family funeral at Zojoji Temple, Akie Abe visited the Kan office and said, ‘When I have a chance to give a eulogy, I would like to ask Mr. Kan to speak as a representative of Abe’s friends. It is our understanding that this was former Prime Minister Kan’s nomination by the Abe family to succeed him.”

Before his death, former Prime Minister Abe often proposed the establishment of a Kan faction. At the time, it was seen as a complementary force to the Abe faction and a counterweight to the Kishida, Aso, and Mogi coalition, but now that Abe is gone, the situation has changed dramatically.

In addition to his popularity with the public, former Prime Minister Kan now enjoys the endorsement of Akie’s widow. The LDP seems to have taken a major step toward the “next” Kishida administration.

Former Prime Minister Abe and Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide hold a press conference at the prime minister’s office on May 4, 2020. At the time, Kan was responsible for much of the Corona measures.
The creation of the Cabinet Personnel Bureau in 2014 is said to have “silenced Kasumigaseki.” Again, the skills of former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan shined through.
  • Interview and text by Shutaro Iwashiro Photo Kyodo News

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