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TKO Takehiro Kimoto’s “Investor Backlash” Apology Conference Meddles in All Lands

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TKO” Kimoto has run away from one of his investors. He is on the precipice, but…

A new development in the “investment trouble” of Takehiro Kimoto of the comedy duo “TKO” — one of the investors, Mr. A, a company president, has been missing since early August.

One of the investors, company president Mr. A, has been missing since early August. Multiple media outlets reported the story.

Mr. A had received more than 500 million yen in real estate investments from Kimoto and four other investors, but failed to manage the funds. Although he refunded approximately 160 million yen, he sent a content-certified letter to Kimoto in July of last year, stating that he did not have the funds to repay the money.

On the other hand, Mr. A presented Kimoto with a concrete repayment plan. The plan was realistic, and Kimoto believed it and waited for it.

Recently, however, Kimoto was unable to contact Mr. A. According to a source

Mr. A has most likely flown abroad. It is said that he had intended to do so from the beginning and had presented a repayment plan. For Mr. Kimoto, it means that he was still cheated.

The company said.

Kimoto has not only incurred debts in the hundreds of millions due to a series of investment troubles, but he has also promised to refund the money to his co-investors. A person involved in the comedy industry said

“We have already refunded money to junior comedians and others with relatively small amounts. However, we have not yet repaid those with larger amounts, such as Takashi Yoshimura of Heisei Nobushi Kobushi. Mr. Yoshimura is a “maverick” and has given up on the idea of “investing at one’s own risk.

He is a “maverick” and has given up halfheartedly, saying, “I am responsible for my investments.

Kimoto’s investment troubles were discovered in July of this year, and he was originally scheduled to explain the situation at a press conference in August. However, with the persuasion of those around him, he gave up the idea.

He had indicated his intention to hold a press conference when he had a clear idea of the direction in which the problem should be resolved. However, Mr. A’s “don’t do it again” brought the situation to a worst possible end.

Mr. Kimoto seems to be planning to file a lawsuit against Mr. A, but it is unclear how effective such a lawsuit would be against someone who has fled abroad and whose whereabouts are unknown. A press conference is a long way off.

Kimoto left her agency, Shochiku Entertainments, and is now freelance. He had drawn up a blueprint for resuming his activities once the turmoil was resolved, but his place in the entertainment world is already being filled.

Shochiku is desperate to promote young and mid-career comedians. Hiccorohee, a female comedian who is enjoying her big break, is at the top of the list, as are Akira Shinomiya of “OZIN OSBORNE,” who recently announced his breakup but has potential as a pin-up, and Minamikawa, who is known as “Shochiku’s Garcy” and competes in martial arts tournaments.

Nasunanakanashi,” who is known for his stable speaking ability, and others are gaining media exposure one after another. Thanks to the TKO incident, there is a growing sense of expectation in the industry that it might be interesting to use Minamikawa.

Incidentally, OZIN Osborn Shinomiya, who is the firm’s favorite for the “Hyottoko Quiz,” was a victim of the “plastic bottle incident” involving Kimoto’s partner, Takayuki Kinoshita. What is the cause of this?

Some people within Shochiku say that the atmosphere in the company has become more open now that Kimoto, who was strict about etiquette and served as a “trainer” for the younger members and staff, is no longer with the company.

(A source involved in the comedy industry mentioned above.) At present, it must be said that Kimoto’s return to the entertainment industry will be difficult. If he were to find a way out, he would probably start a new channel with his partner, who is active as a YouTube star, but now that Mr. A has lost contact with him, that is not an option.

I’m worried that he’s being driven into a corner mentally,” said Mr. A. “He’s not going to be able to keep up with the demands of his partner. It would be nice if someone with money to spare could give him a helping hand…” (sports newspaper reporter)

Kimoto has finally been pushed into a corner.

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