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Why Former House of Representatives Member Yutaka Ando Challenged M-1 with Adulterous Partner?

In 2009, Mr. Ando was reportedly involved in an "adultery scandal" and decided not to run for the House of Representatives in the same year. In September of this year, he entered the "M-1" preliminary round as a pair with the woman with whom he was said to have had an affair.

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Former House of Representatives member Ando and TV personality Daina give an interview in Dotonbori just before the “M-1” preliminary round. They both said, “I’m so nervous.

Every year, a variety of duos enter the “M-1 Grand Prix” to compete in the year-end finals, but these two are particularly unique among them.

The name of the duo is “Deficit Kurojitsu. The duo’s name is “Deficit Kurojitsu,” and they are joined by Yutaka Ando, 57, a former member of the House of Representatives, as a comical joke-teller.

He ran for the House of Representatives in the Kyoto 6th district in 2000 and was elected for the first time, serving three terms. He withdrew from the race for the House of Representatives in the same year. Subsequently, Mr. Ando informed his wife of his intention to divorce her in March ’20, and in October of the same year filed for divorce mediation. Still unable to reach an agreement, he sued his wife in October ’21. Mr. Ando consistently stated, “We are not in an adulterous relationship. A factual women’s issue was leaked.’ ” (A reporter from the political section of a national newspaper)

Mr. Ando, who is currently active as a You Tuber on a channel called “Hiroshi Ando Channel Hiroshi’s Point of View,” was paired with a woman in this year’s “M-1” preliminary round who, to his surprise, was his “adulterous partner. Ando, who is a YouTube star with a channel called “Hiroshi’s Point of View. Daina, a TV personality (age undisclosed) who is in charge of the “Deficit Surplus” comic, said, “If I had a guilty conscience, I would not be able to do anything about it.

If we had anything to hide, we wouldn’t have entered the “M-1” competition together. We are just friends. But it was reported that we were having an affair. But no one would listen to us even if we refuted it head-on. So, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the current situation and challenge something interesting together, so I invited him to join us.

The name of the duo, “Deficit-Kuroshi,” is said to reflect Ando’s political beliefs.

Ando: “‘The government’s deficit is everyone’s surplus. In other words, we want to spread the message that it is important to change to a positive fiscal policy instead of austerity. Since awareness is still low through YouTube alone, I thought that using comedy as an entry point would help spread my ideas further.”

Ohna: “I also have a desire to spread the ideas of Sensai. That’s why I include various political and current affairs in my manzai.”

Nevertheless, to make it through to the preliminary rounds, impact is also important. Therefore, he introduced his manzai with a story about infidelity.

Ohna: “Sensai, what’s going on, I’m being chased by a weekly magazine!

Ando: “What’s wrong?”

Ohna “They want to talk to me about my W affair with Sensai. Actually, he was a member of the Diet until last fall.

Ando: “I had a terrible time with the weekly magazine. Thanks to them, I lost my position, honor, and money~. ……This is the beginning of the comic story (laughs).”

Between YouTube shoots, Ando had been working on his material, and in mid-September he competed in the first round.

Ando: “I can talk as much as I want in lectures, but I was still nervous about doing manzai. I’m glad I managed to make no mistakes in the performance.”

Ohna: “My heart was racing from the moment I got on the elevator at the venue. I was even more nervous when I got offstage. But it was fun. It’s great when you get a good reaction.

Ando: “People didn’t laugh where I wanted them to laugh, but on the contrary, they laughed in places I didn’t expect them to. It was a discovery.

Ohna: “It seems that the pressure points are different depending on the age of the audience. I could understand that.

The result of the competition was a disappointing first-round loss. However, the two who experienced the “adultery scandal” were positive to the end.

Dana said, “Next year, we will try again! We will not change our beliefs, and we would like to participate in other competitions as well. Sensai is getting pretty excited about it, too (laughs).

Ando: “Of course. But I haven’t given up on politics completely. If there is a chance, I would like to run for election. If the LDP continues to run the country as it is now, Japan will surely fall. If I am given the opportunity to play a role in preventing that from happening, I would love to do it. If I can’t become a politician, I would like to work to spread my ideas through YouTube and comedy.

He says he will soon expose the other side of the affair report on YouTube as well. The activities of the unique duo “Deficit and Black Surplus” will continue in the future.

“Regarding the widely reported “W affair,” he strongly insists that there is no basis for it. That is why we decided to challenge the M-1 competition together,” Ohna said.
Why former House of Representatives member Yutaka Ando challenged “M-1” with his “adulterous partner.
Why Former House of Representatives Representative Hiroshi Ando Challenged “M-1” with His “Adulterous Partner
Why Former House of Representatives Representative Yutaka Ando Challenged “M-1” with His “Adulterous Partner” (Image)
The two men being interviewed.
Mr. Ando answering an interview
Mr. Ona answering an interview
The two leave with a peace sign.
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