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Ryoko Yonekura Love Life After Quitting in U.S. CHICAGO Stage Play

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Yonekura and her ex-husband enjoying a date in a bright red “American car”. Before they were married, he drove her to school and picked her up, but they divorced in 2016 (14 years).

I came to this decision out of sheer desperation…

Ryoko Yonekura (47), who updated her Instagram on September 29, expressed her regret in her comment. She was forced to leave “CHICAGO,” the stage in which she plays the lead role, a role that has become synonymous with her. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first performance of the play. Yonekura explained the reason for her decision to withdraw from the show.

“I had been suffering from low spinal fluid all last year and this year, and after many tests, they finally found a wound on the abdomen side (where spinal fluid was leaking), and they suggested a new treatment method, and I was able to get the treatment. They gave me a new treatment and I was able to take on my dream job of CHICAGO and other job smoothly. After that, the symptoms improved, but I had to deal with severe pain around the sacrum, cauda equina enlargement, severe sciatica, and difficulty walking, etc. I couldn’t bend my back in any way.”

She says that she had to be stopped by a doctor due to severe back pain and joint pain. She is currently in a state of physical and mental distress, and is continuing treatment and training in preparation for her return.

Despite the disappointing outcome, there is no doubt that Yonekura is a formidable actress. Her overwhelming attractiveness can be seen in the photos of her love affairs. Let us tell you about the aura that overflows from the scene of a date caught by “FRIDAY” (see related image).

Identity of the foreign man pushing Yonekura’s back

Yonekura and Argentine dancer Mr. A (2020), who is in a steady relationship.

Yonekura won the lead role in the U.S. Broadway musical “CHICAGO” in July 2012.

Yonekura sold the role herself. This is the first time in history that a Japanese person has played an American role on Broadway and been selected for the lead role. Ms. Yonekura’s performance was also highly acclaimed and she received a great ovation in the United States.

“Ms. Yonekura has expressed her desire to work on Broadway in the future. The high praise for her performance in “CHICAGO” has made her want to appear in other productions as well. She wants to get serious about working on Broadway and creating her own masterpiece in the U.S. as well. From now on, she wants to base herself not only in Japan but also in the U.S.,” said a source in the entertainment production industry.

Yonekura’s private life with the man she is currently dating also seems to be in her advantage.

He is an Argentine tango dancer, Mr. A. Mr. A teaches dance in Japan, but is worried about his elderly parents in Argentina and wants to return to his home country. Mr. Yonekura trusts Mr. A very much, who does not constrain her and lets her do whatever she want to do. However, Japan is too far from Argentina. If she were based in the U.S., Ms. A would be able to return to her parents’ home more often.

However, Ms. Yonekura will not be active only in the U.S. She will keep her personal office, which she established after leaving Oscar Promotion in March 2020, and she will continue to work in Japan. Even if her main focus shifts to the U.S., I think she will be active both in Japan and the U.S.

Yonekura is expanding her activities overseas. We hope that Yonekura will recover from her back pain as soon as possible and show us her active performance in Japan and the U.S.

The two strolled in a park near Ebizo’s home and shared a passionate embrace (2003).
Matsumoto Jun and Yonekura Ryoko coming out of a restaurant at 4:00 am. They are a picture-perfect shot of a beautiful man and a beautiful woman (2016).
After shopping in Ebisu, Yonekura heads to her car with her ex-husband (2014).
The two walk at this distance without worrying about being seen. However, three months after joining the registry, reports of their separation popped up (2014).
Yonekura sings karaoke at a hideout bar in Roppongi. This is a precious picture (2006).
Yonekura and Argentine dancer, Mr. A, who has been in a steady relationship (2020).
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