Hiroki Narimiya interaction with “Ultra Japan” while Being Surrounded by Beautiful Women | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroki Narimiya interaction with “Ultra Japan” while Being Surrounded by Beautiful Women

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Mr. Narimiya (man in black cap on the left) in a passionate embrace with a woman, and MIYAVI (center) chatting with two beautiful women.

ULTRA JAPAN 2022, a major electronic dance music (EDM) event, was held for the first time in three years, attracting a large number of visitors to Odaiba, Tokyo, the venue for the two days from September 17 to 18. Just after noon on the 17th, the first day of the event, there was a man in a cap in the “VVIP” zone, surrounded by several beautiful women, who stood out from the crowd. He was Hiroki Narimiya, 40.

“Mr. Narimiya retired from show business in December 2016, but is now working as a designer under his real name, Hiroshige Narimiya. He is still very popular, with many in the industry and among his fans hoping for his return. He has many friends in the entertainment industry, and as soon as he appeared in the VVIP zone, various people came to greet him,” said an audience member who was in the VVIP zone that day.

The “VVIP” zone is said to cost around 500,000 yen per seat, and it is known that many celebrities and entertainers appear there every year. This year, too, the festival has been reported to have featured a two-shot of “Avex” Chairman Katsuhito Matsuura (57) and Ayumi Hamasaki (43), as well as the celebrity MATT.

Among them was the man Mr. Narimiya was with. He is MIYAVI (41), a rock musician and world-renowned guitarist.

“MIYAVI is not only a musician, but has also appeared in several Hollywood movies, including the movie “Unbroken,” directed by Angelina Jolie, and is currently starring in the Japanese movie “Hell Dogs,” also now in theaters. He is one of the few Japanese actors who can usually appear in Hollywood movies” (editor of a movie magazine).

Perhaps it had been a long time since they had seen each other, the two shook hands firmly when they met face-to-face in the VVIP zone, and from there they happily enjoyed conversation and music with several beautiful women in attendance. In fact, they share the same birthday, September 14. They must have had a lot of fun during their birthday week.

Perhaps it had been a while since they had seen each other, but they seemed to be having a good time chatting and laughing for a while.

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