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Shiga Medical University Female Student Sexually Assaulted by 3 other Medical Students

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Shiga Medical University hospital where a student was sexually assaulted (Image: Kyodo News)

“I hurt (the victim) deeply. I am truly sorry.”

The defendant, who was told by the victim’s representative that she wanted to be punished severely, bowed his head and apologized. On the other hand, he also gave an unbelievable testimony in the courtroom.

On September 28, the second trial of defendant A, 25, a sixth-year medical student at Shiga Medical School, was held at the Otsu District Court in Shiga Prefecture. According to the indictment, the defendant A was accused of having been a victim of two other defendants at the university (both of whom were sixth-year medical students). According to the indictment, defendant A, together with two other defendants (both sixth-year medical students), sexually assaulted a 22-year-old female student, Ms. B, who was attending another university. At the first trial, defendant A admitted to the charges (charged with forcible sexual intercourse).

The incident occurred on March 15 of this year, when the three defendants invited two women they knew, including Ms. B, to a five-person drinking party. One of the women went home, but went to defendant A’s apartment in Otsu City under the guise of a second party. When they got on the elevator, the attitude of the three defendants changed drastically.

“They stood in front of Ms. B, threatened to have sexual intercourse with her, and forced her into the room. The victim refused but the defendants grabbed her arms and forced her into sexual intercourse. The defendants took turns assaulting her. The assault continued until dawn the next day, and the defendants took video of the assault with their smart phones,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

Vile Behavior Revealed at Trial

The hospital of Shiga Medical University where the students sexually assaulted Ms. B. (Image: Kyodo News. (Image: Kyodo News; some parts have been edited)

Ms. B immediately called the police’s sexual assault hotline. The incident was discovered and the three defendants were arrested.

During the trial, the defendants’ despicable behavior was revealed one after another. According to the prosecutors, the defendants had been holding drinking parties that appeared to be aimed at sexual assault for some time. According to the prosecutors, the defendants had been holding drinking parties and sharing video footage of sexual acts with each other.

The defendant’s family is said to be a doctor’s office in Hiroshima Prefecture. After graduating from a well-known preparatory school in the prefecture, he went on to Shiga Medical University. At the university, he joined the soccer club and became vice captain. I heard that he was a mood-maker on the team, making everyone around him laugh.

In court, defendant A spoke words of remorse, but when asked by the prosecution about his refusal to perform sexual acts on Ms. B in the elevator, he said, “I don’t remember.”

I don’t remember.

The defense argued that the defendant’s guilt was not in dispute, but that the circumstances of the assault and threats should be examined. Shiga University of Medical Science President Shinji Uemoto said, “We will cooperate fully with the judicial process. We will closely monitor the court proceedings and take strict action based on the facts we have gathered.”

Panoramic view of Shiga Medical University Hospital (from the university’s website)
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