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Fans Amazed at Akiko Kuji’s Dinner Date Location and Her Lovely Appearance

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Free announcer Kuji Akiko has been attracting attention by revealing “a dinner date in a flowery one-piece dress” on her Instagram account. Kuji is currently staying in New York and reported that she is enjoying her stay there. Comments flooded in, such as “cute,” “spend time with your husband,” and “I’m counting on you Yuta.

Kujipan smiles with the night view of Manhattan in the background. She seems to have gotten used to life in the U.S. (from his Instagram @kuji_akiko)

Kuji was born in Iwate Prefecture in 1994. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, she joined Fuji Television in 2017, where she made her mark in her first year, taking charge of the signature program “Kujipan.” In April 2019, she became the main anchor on “Mezamashi Saturday.” However, after only five years, she gave up on her job and became a freelance announcer in May 2022.

Kuji worked as a model before joining Fuji. Although freelance announcers are the standard after leaving Fuji, Kuji’s activities are not limited to being a freelance announcer. Her activities as a model and TV personality are also highly anticipated. She also has 460,000 followers on Instagram and is expected to be active as an influencer.

In May of this year, Kuji also announced her marriage to NBA player Yuta Watanabe. Immediately after the marriage report, Kuji posted a series of photos of her life in the U.S., which led to various speculations, such as her staying for good in the U.S.. In the U.S., Kuji has been posting happy scenes of her daily life on Instagram, such as shopping, cooking, and working out with her husband.

In September, she moved to New York City, home of her husband’s team, the Brooklyn Nets. There, too, she has been posting on Instagram how she is enjoying the city. In the midst of all this, Kuji has now posted a picture of her enjoying dinner at a restaurant along the Hudson River.

Kuji sat on the terrace and snapped a photo with the night view of the Hudson Bridge in the background. She is wearing a one-piece dress and her ear piercings are very gorgeous. There is a glass of red wine on the table.

Fans wonder if it was her husband who took this picture. The night view is beautiful, but Kuji is just as beautiful. Dunk shot in Kuji’s eyes!

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