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Seiya Suzuki and His Rhythmic Gymnastics Wife Airy Celebrates the Birth of His First Child

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Suzuki and his wife Airi headed inside a tower apartment in Shinjuku after parting ways with an acquaintance in July 19

The Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki, 27, returned to the major league lineup on September 28 (Japan time).

Suzuki was placed on the father list on September 18. He had temporarily returned to Japan to be with his wife when she gives birth. Airi, his wife is a a former rhythmic gymnast and member of Japan’s national rhythmic gymnastics team, and the baby boy was born safely.

Suzuki was not a member of the starting lineup for the Phillies game on September 28. He was back in Japan to undergo a medical checkup and get in shape. The Cubs are in third place in the National League Central Division and are nearly 20 games in debt, but if he is in good physical condition, Suzuki will return to the lineup at the end of the season.

Suzuki and his wife, Airi, are the newest members of the family, who met in the summer of 2018.

“They met for dinner through a mutual acquaintance. They are the same age, both from Tokyo, and both athletes who have been involved in sports since childhood. Seiya and Airi had a lot in common and hit it off immediately. Airi went all the way to Hiroshima to cheer for the Carp, Seiya’s team at the time,” said an acquaintance of the two.

Suzuki and his wife Airi got married in August 2007. In July of the same year, just before their marriage, “FRIDAY” caught them on a “sleepover date. The “FRIDAY” caught them on a “sleepover date” in July of the same year, just prior to their marriage.

Actively communicating with the wife of a Japanese major leaguer

On the same day, Suzuki had a multi-hit game against Yakult at Jingu Stadium. After the game, he took a cab to downtown Akasaka, Tokyo. Suzuki entered a Japanese restaurant in a small building, being careful of his surroundings.

Suzuki is a simple and serious person. He is never frivolous. He trusts Airi with all his heart.

It was about two and a half hours later when Suzuki came out of the Japanese restaurant with Mrs. Airi and his acquaintances who had entered the restaurant earlier. After getting into a cab again, Suzuki and his wife Airi got off in front of a high-class tower apartment in Shinjuku. They said goodbye to their acquaintance, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Thank you,” he said. “Let’s go again.”


Waving to each other, Mrs. Suzuki and Mrs. Airi disappeared into the tower mansion, closing the distance between them, and did not reappear until just before noon the next day.

Mrs. Airi said she supports her husband by interacting with the family of a former Japanese major leaguer.

She said, “I met Mio, the wife of Kazuo Matsui, the coach of Seibu, on the radio and we hit it off. She is an excellent cook, and she gives me advice on recipes and her experiences in the major leagues. She also interacts on SNS with Sachi, wife of Nobuchika Aoki of the Yakult baseball team and former TV TOKYO announcer, and Saho, wife of Kenta Maeda, a senior member of the Carp and wife of Kenta Maeda of the Twins.”

Airi is relearning English and studying hard in kimono dressing, ceramics, and cooking. She is very good at controlling her mentality, perhaps because she has competed in many overseas matches as an athlete. I think she is a really reliable partner for Seiya.

This season, Suzuki has been doing reasonably well, with a batting average in the mid-20% range and more than a dozen home runs. With the support of his wife and the birth of their baby son, who will be an encouragement to him, he is sure to play an even bigger role next season.

  • Photo by Takahiro Kagawa

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