Shibuya Subaru’s “Surprising NG items” lamented by those involved, even though the theme song for the movie has been decided. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shibuya Subaru’s “Surprising NG items” lamented by those involved, even though the theme song for the movie has been decided.

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Shibuya leaving a dinner party with the members of “Kanjani Eight” when he was a member of the group. He is now a singer-songwriter.

As if in inverse proportion to his activities, his presence on the stage is fading.

Shibuya Subaru (41), a former member of “Kanjani Eight” who left Johnny’s at the end of 2018, will begin his career as a singer-songwriter in April 2019, and on the 14th of this month, he will sing the theme song for the movie “Himitsu no Nacchan,” starring Kenichi Takito (45). On the 14th of this month, it was announced that she will sing the theme song for the movie “Himitsu no Nacchan” starring Kenichi Takito (45).

He is currently working on his own label, World art. He has demonstrated his singing ability, which is said to be one of the best in Johnny’s, and his original albums “Nisai” and “NEED” reached the fourth highest position in the Oricon Ranking. In his private life, he announced that he had gotten married in May of this year. Now that she has a child, she is even more enthusiastic about her music activities,” said a source at a music agency.

With a theme song for a movie, marriage, and the birth of a child, one would think that her public life and private life would be smooth sailing for ……, but that is not necessarily the case. In fact, the number of members of the fan club “Shubabu” has been decreasing. There is the existence of “surprising NG items” that Shibuya has given to the people concerned. An entertainment industry insider reveals, “When he made his solo debut, he had 50,000 members.

The number of members was less than 50,000 at the time of his solo debut, but now it has plummeted to about 5,000. The reason is the existence of ‘NG Matters. Mr. Shibuya is extremely averse to appearing in the media when he releases an album or song. He has made the so-called pub appearances NG. From the point of view of those involved, more exposure would help promote the songs, appeal to fans, and attract new fans. However, I hear that some staff members are not happy with the uncooperative attitude toward such activities.

In June of this year, a weekly magazine reported that the company had terminated its contract with Warner Music Japan, with which it had concluded a music distribution agreement, at the end of March of this year. The reason for the termination has not been disclosed, but it is said that “NG matters” were one of the reasons.

A source at the record company, who has known Shibuya since his days with Johnny’s, described the series of actions as “typical of him,” but said, “Originally, Shibuya was a very active member of Johnny’s, but now he has become a member of the band.

Shibuya has never been good at dealing with the media since his days with Johnny’s. His personality is also shy. He is a shy type of person, and he was famous for being shy when giving interviews, which made interviewers weep. He was known for being shy in interviews, which made him a victim of interviewers. Her egotism is attractive, but it should not be used to turn away fans and staff who support her. I think that accepting the responsibility of singing the theme song for the movie is a big first step. What should I do not only for what I want to do, but also for the people around me? Perhaps we are entering a phase where we need to rethink this.

While in Johnny’s, he was the star of “Kanjani Eight,” a group that produced several national hits, and his singing ability made him stand out from the crowd. It’s good that he is pursuing his music career, but it’s too bad that he will be forgotten by the public, but …….

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