Reina Sumi “in a cream-colored sleeveless one-piece dress” delighted fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi “in a cream-colored sleeveless one-piece dress” delighted fans!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting a lot of attention for her “cream-colored sleeveless one-piece dress”. The comments were flooded with praise, such as, “Cute~,” “The clothes suit you,” “Beautiful,” “Lovely,” and “Cute.”

Washimi smiles in front of her meal in a white sleeveless dress. Her healthy smile is dazzling! (From her Instagram @sumi_reina)

Speaking of Washimi, whenever she appears on a TV program or magazine, she always reports and announces it on her Instagram. As an influencer with 780,000 followers, Washimi’s posts are sure to be highly effective in promoting the show. This kind of attention to detail may be the reason why she continues to be selected for the program.

She has just released …….

This time Chant! Vinegar Activity Information Life is once again on Nichinaga Island. Next to the exquisite shirasu rice bowl is a very popular dressing! The owner of the restaurant has given us the recipe for the dressing, which is made with vinegar but not sour. Please check it out at Chant! (from Washimi’s Instagram).

Washimi was featured in CBC Television’s Tokai 3-prefecture information program “Chant! on CBC TV’s Tokai 3-prefecture information program, “Chant! Vinegar Life” on CBC TV’s Tokai 3-prefecture information program, “Chant! She was wearing a cream-colored one-piece dress. She is holding a large bowl of shirasu (baby sardine) on a tray in what looks like a diner. The bowl looks hearty and tasty with soup and salad.

Born in 1990, Washimi is a freelance announcer who joined TV Tokyo as an announcer in 2013 and has appeared in several TV programs, including “Ie, Tsuki Dorei Iai ka? After leaving the company in 2020, she became a freelance announcer for St. Force. Currently, she appears regularly on Nippon Television Network Corporation’s “Zoom In! Saturday” and other regular appearances. Sumi has been doing a lot of sports-related work. In fact, she has outstanding athletic skills, having participated in a national soccer tournament in her elementary school days, and her hobby is dancing.

It is getting colder and colder when she is sleeveless. It is a little sad that we won’t see Washimi in sleeveless clothes for a while, but have a “vinegary” autumn. ……

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