Burdock Party’s Okuno aims to “throw down the bouquet” in the next lower house election and regime change | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Burdock Party’s Okuno aims to “throw down the bouquet” in the next lower house election and regime change

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Mr. Takushi Okuno, a member of the “Gobo Party” (from the party’s official website), is in the spotlight for his “bouquet-throwing” incident against Mayweather.

Shame on Japan” and “degrading.

Such words are being hurled at Mr. Takushi Okuno, who led the “Burdock Party” in the recent Upper House election.

At the main match of “Super RIZIN” (Saitama Super Arena) on September 25, former world five-weight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Mirai Asakura fought, Okuno threw a bouquet of flowers on the canvas that he was supposed to present to Mayweather.

The outrage of martial arts fans exploded at the disrespectful act. The Internet was flooded with slanderous comments about Okuno, while Mayweather was praised for picking up the bouquet without changing his expression.

After the tournament, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, CEO of Cho-RIZIN, said

As the organizer, this was truly unexpected. We must apologize to all of Japan for bringing a man of such vile behavior into the sacred ring, and if the bouquet presentation, which was a perk of the NFT ticket, was not thoughtful enough and expressed the low level of the Japanese nation in this way, then we must apologize to all of Japan. I am truly sorry.”

He apologized. CEO Sakakibara immediately apologized to Mayweather’s side as well.

I was saved by Mayweather’s professional, human, and gentlemanly behavior as a man, as he picked up the bouquet and tossed it to the second fighter. It was a great action.”

I thanked him.

Mr. Okuno, who in a sense “ate” the two main fighters, listed the reasons for his barbaric action in the 26th issue of Tokyo Sports. He was angry at Mayweather, who was habitually late and showed his money-grubbing ways, and he was angry at Tenshin Nasukawa, who was always late and showed his money-grubbing ways.

He was angry at Mayweather for his habitual tardiness and money-grubbing, and returned the disrespect with disrespect.

He was so angry with Mayweather that he “returned the disrespect with disrespect,” as he explained.

Okuno’s ambitions are great: he challenged the upper house election held on July 10 as the representative of the “Gobo Party,” but failed to win a seat in the House of Councillors. After the election, Mr. Okuno said

After the election, Mr. Okuno said, “The only newspapers that covered us were sports newspapers. Even if we tried a new challenge, we would not be able to win.

He was bitterly resentful. Still, he was determined to win the election.

“We will work to take power in three years. If we can get the support of 25 or 30 million people, especially young influencers, we can do anything.

He declared that he would set his sights on the lower house election in three years.

During the Upper House election, the “#Gobo Challenge” spread on the Internet, and actors Takayuki Yamada, Tomohisa Yamashita, and Shohei Miura, comedian Hiroyuki Miyasako, London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 atsushi Tamura, singer GACKT, “ONE OK ROCK” Taka, and others expressed support. The election was a big topic of conversation, but the fact that the selection of candidates did not proceed until just before the announcement of the election was painful.

Learning from his mistake in the Upper House election, Mr. Okuno will prepare a prominent candidate for the next Lower House election as soon as possible. Elections in Japan are still dominated by the elderly, and the turnout of young people is too low.

Under the slogan of “fessing up the election,” Mr. Okuno intends to make full use of social networking services to attract the younger generation. Mr. Okuno’s ambitions are great, and it is said that he is aiming to eventually replace the LDP as the ruling party.

In an interview with Tōspo, Mr. Okuno admitted that his intention in throwing the bouquet was to raise the profile of the “Gobo no Tō” party.

Mr. Okuno is known to be anti-American, and it seems that he had something other than a personal grudge against Mayweather. He has a sense of crisis about Japan being left to its own devices by the U.S., and he is convinced that in the future the U.S. will make a decision that will plunge Japan into an unprecedented crisis.

He has already anticipated the criticism he will receive for throwing away the bouquet of flowers. He has no regard for those around him, saying, “The day will come when I will realize that what I did was meaningful.

It is unclear whether he will be able to gather support in the next lower house election at this rate, but there is no doubt that Okuno’s name is now etched in the minds of many people.

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