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TV Staff Reveals the Top 3 Talents Who Are Well Loved by a lot of Staff

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Yukipoyo during a K-1 match

A TV personality who is well-liked among the audience may, in fact, complain about the staff’s failures in a persistent manner behind the scenes, or become grumpy and ignore the staff. Another celebrity who sells herself as a cute character, when she goes backstage for a meeting, is expressionless throughout the meeting and does not make eye contact with the audience. While we are fed up with entertainers who have two faces, there is one talent who is actually popular with the staff, contrary to the public’s image of him or her.

Talent with a godly attitude when leaving.
The first one is Yukipoyo (25 ). Since a male acquaintance of hers was arrested for using drugs at her home, her favorability rating has dropped dramatically. Last year, she was ranked as the second most disliked celebrity, but in fact she is well-liked by the staff around her. The reason for this lies in the way she leaves.

During the recording, the talent has the studio script in their hands. When the recording is over, the staff collects the scripts, but Yukipoyo’s script always has a message written on it that says, “Dear staff.” The message includes her thoughts such as “Today was fun,” her enthusiasm for the next session such as “I will study this…,” and a word of gratitude such as “Thank you very much.” They are short messages, but when I see the effort they put into writing them in gyaru characters with high writing pressure, I get a very warm feeling.

Yukipoyo’s handwritten messages are sometimes shared on the staff group line.

It is said that “everyone who meets her falls in love with her,” including Akari Suda (30 ) of SKE48, who is nicknamed “the angler of the fan meeting.”

Let’s listen to the testimonies of TV people.

“At a meeting, she said, ‘She’s not really that cute,’ is she? I don’t know why they cast her like that,” even the staff members were rude, but when they met her in person, they changed their minds. Ms. Suda is so close that she looks you in the eye the whole time she’s talking to you. That’s what makes everyone fall for her (laughs). (Laughs.) Moreover, Ms. Suda is cuter without makeup than with makeup. That’s another cute point.

When we ask her to give us a short message, she composes it herself and sends us an interesting selfie comment that goes far beyond a single word, so she is very helpful.

Akari Suda was fishing not only for the people who came to the fan meet-up event, but also for the staff.

Tsuji dressed as a JK at the Tokyo Toy Show 2022. She still looks good!

The third is Nozomi Tsuji (35 ), formerly of Morning Musume. Tsuji is known for her cute impression in “Minimoni and her “silly” episodes, such as her inability to write her real name, “Sugiura,” in kanji (Chinese characters). However, a senior executive at an entertainment company denies this, saying, “Don’t be fooled by the image on TV.”

When you actually work with Ms. Tsuji, you will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently she handles her work. You have to be stupid and inept to do all that while doing housework and childcare, editing YouTube, and appearing on TV and radio. And yet she never looks tired, so I think she is a professional among professionals. She has a cute face and a straightforward personality, so even the same-sex staff say she is easy to work with.

There are many talented people who have talent but cannot stay active on TV for a long time. The winner is the one who realizes that a “magic word” from a staff member at a casting meeting, such as “I worked with Ms. 00 the other day, and she was very easy to work with,” is more likely to lead to an offer to appear on the show than talent.

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