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Rep. Gaasyy’s Paid Exposé Salon gets Complaints on Payment and Dissatisfactory Contents

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Mr. Gaassy said he would continue his exposé in a paid salon. However, members have voiced their dissatisfaction (from YouTube channel).

The exposé salon, “GASYLE,” which Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. “Gaassy,” a member of the Diet, has been running since September 1, has been receiving a number of complaints.

After being banned from his YouTube and Twitter accounts due to a violation of the terms of those accounts, Mr. Azumaya opened his own online salon, which he charges a fee. It is said to have about 30,000 members for 3,980 yen per month, and is estimated to earn more than 1 billion yen per month.

However, a look at Twitter shows that there have been a series of problems, such as multiple monthly fees being settled by credit card and errors such as the unsubscribe button not functioning just before the free period.

The salon’s admin was unable to handle the situation properly, and it seems that Takashi Tachibana, leader of the “NHK Party,” is handling the situation by refunding the money instead.

“To begin with, there are hardly any major revelations, even though it just started this month. He has been hanging up and bad-mouthing people” talking with celebrities with whom he is close with, and even exposing celebrities’ ‘gay suspicions,’ which is unbecoming for a member of the Diet.”

Many people may have thought that such contents were not worth the price of less than 4,000 yen. As for the revelations about a certain actress, which had been announced on YouTube, the first part of the episode was postponed to September 30, and the second part to October 1. There have been a number of complaints on social networking sites, saying that by putting the show on a different day of the month, they may be stalling it to prevent people from canceling their membership.

In fact, even on Twitter

“This is a very subtle way of stalling.”
“With the contents of this month’s issue and the state of the operation, there will probably be a lot of people who will cancel their membership.”

(A wide-angle news agency).

In the first place, when Gaasyy talked with SHOGO of “175R,” he said that he would shift gears from exposés in the future. As for his activities, he said that he would like to create a town called “NEO Tokyo” in Dubai. He has a lot of followers and influence, but does the public find Gaasyy attractive now that he no longer speaks up?

Some people may be attracted to Gaasyy’s personality, but I don’t think a salon that charges less than 4,000 yen for a chat without exposés can make ends meet. To begin with, Go Ayano, Yu Shirota, and Arata Mackenyu have not disappeared from the entertainment world after all.

I think the public does not take Gaasyy’s revelations seriously. I don’t think it will have as big an impact on the entertainment industry as the weekly magazine report on Teruyuki Kagawa did.

Mr. Gaasyy is likely to end up halfway through both as a member of the House of Councillors and as a salon organizer. People hope he will satisfy both his constituents and the salon members.

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