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Girl Molested at Saikyo Line by Group of Men using Despicable Tactics

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The crime occurred on an early morning train. A despicable act of molestation occurred in which multiple men attacked a single woman.

The woman was surrounded by a group of strangers in the last car of the JR Saikyo Line and had her body devoured.

By September 22, the Ikebukuro Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Yoshiro Kato, 34, of Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, on suspicion of indecent assault against a woman in her 20s on the train. An unemployed man in his 50s was also arrested on suspicion of violating the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Prevention of Nuisances for pressing his lower body against the same woman.

The incident occurred around 9:00 a.m. on September 15. The suspect molested a female office worker on the JR Saikyo Line train traveling from Akabane to Ikebukuro. The woman was probably too frightened to raise her voice. She called for help using “Digipolis,” a crime prevention app provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department that emits a voice saying, “there’s a molester.” Other passengers who noticed handed her over to Ikebukuro station staff.

The woman was unnaturally surrounded by about five people on the train, including the two arrested, but according to the Metropolitan Police Department, the suspect Kato and the man in his 50s did not know each other.

Kato is believed to have put his hand inside the woman’s underwear and touched her lower body. The suspect was standing diagonally to the right behind the victim near the door, and a man in his 50s was standing in front of her.

Kato admitted to the charges, saying that he had done it several times on the Saikyo Line in the past and that he was horny and lustful and touched the young woman because she was on a crowded train.

Meanwhile, a man in his 50s told the interrogator that after confirming that there were men surrounding the woman, the train’s swaying caused him to enter the circle and go in front of her. However, according to witnesses, the man stood with his knees unnaturally bent, and his face was close enough to bump into the victim.

He said, “He was surrounded by about five people, but only two were arrested. The police department has not been able to ascertain how many molesters were present at the time of the incident. I want them to carefully analyze the security cameras and conduct a thorough investigation.

Mr. Taihei Ogawa, a former Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and crime journalist, expressed his outrage over the mass molestation case. There are two possible motives behind the group molestation.

First, to reduce the risk of being caught. Naturally, molesters do not catch molesters. If only the victim and the group of criminals were at the scene and no other civilians were present, it would be difficult to discover the crime. There is also another possible reason. That is to show the molester’s skill to the people in the group. Sometimes molesters show off their skills on the Internet. It could be a way to show people how good they are and how far they can touch.

In September, a 28-year-old man molested a high school girl on the Saikyo Line, threatening her that it would be useless even if she ran away and that he could spread the photos he had taken. Ogawa says he feels a sense of urgency at the continuous molestation cases.

“In 2017, there was an incident in which a group of people molested a woman on the Saikyo Line, after having agreed in advance via an Internet message board. Although it is difficult to say, I think that this time there may have been a prior discussion to assemble a group. Since molesters are basically lone offenders, it is quite unlikely that they happened to gather in the same car. However, if it was a coincidence, there is an even worse possibility. It means that information is spreading that the rear cars of the Saikyo Line are prone to molestation. If this is the case, the perpetrators will only change in the future, and the damage will continue. Measures to deal with those areas will also be required of the police.”

While the COVID-19 crisis has eased restrictions on behavior, it is impossible to overlook the fact that the number of consultations with victims of molestation is on the rise. Public must not allow this despicable crime to continue.

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