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The “Imperial Household Agency’s SNS Strategy” Awaiting 16-Year-Old Prince Eugene

The only male member of the underage royal family to carry the "new Imperial Family" on his shoulders, he is going to school in high spirits, despite the pressure of "distancing himself from his sister" and "improving his image.

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It was the morning of September 6 in the lingering summer heat. On the way up the hill leading to Tsukuba University High School in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, there was Eugene wearing a windbreaker. It was Eugene’s 16th birthday. He was carrying a rucksack on his back as he cheerfully made his way to school, as he always does. However, on this occasion, the environment surrounding Prince Eugene underwent an unprecedented “time of change. A reporter from the Imperial Household Agency revealed the following.

Prince Eugene walks along the commonly known “Auxiliary Yokozaka Slope. He spent his summer vacation in various activities, including a trip to Tsugaike Kogen and school events.

The “Osho-basho” photo for the media released on the occasion of his 16th birthday was a pin shot of Eugene. Until now, he had been with his family, but the Imperial Household Agency wanted to create the impression that he was “away from his sister” Kei Komuro (30) and Mako (30), who live in the United States, and Kako (27), who works as a businesswoman. In particular, I sense that the Imperial Household Agency wants to separate the news of Mr. and Mrs. Komuro’s activities from that of Princess Eugene’s daily life.

The Imperial Household Agency, wishing to create the impression of a “new imperial family” that is open like the British royal family, has decided to use social networking services to disseminate information. However, social networking sites are always at risk of “flames. Nonfiction writer Miyoko Kudo expressed her concern.

The Imperial Household Agency probably wants to convey accurate information, but we don’t know whose decision it will be and with what weight and standards. If, for example, the number of times information about Princess Eugene is sent out is skewed, there is a possibility that criticism will fly, such as why Princess Aiko’s (20) official duties are not reported. The distance between the Imperial Household Agency and the public may widen.

As the second in line to the throne after Prince Hisahito of Akishino (56) and the only male member of the underage royal family, Prince Hisahito of Akishino is under a great deal of pressure. If the Imperial Household Agency’s intrigue backfires, it could bring fire down on Prince Eugene himself.

The current His Highness Prince Eugene is, so to speak, the one who bears the entire future of the Imperial Family. On the other hand, as neither the Crown Prince nor the Crown Grandchild, there is still the option for His Highness Eugene to leave the Imperial Family. It is possible that he may grow tired of being a member of the Imperial Family and express his strong ‘feelings’ about it,” said Yuji Odabe, professor emeritus at Shizuoka University of Social Welfare.

I hope the Imperial Household Agency’s social networking strategy does not go around and create a division in the Imperial Family. ……

It is natural for Prince Hisahito of Akishino to be concerned about the future of His Highness Prince Hisahito of Akishino. I wonder what he will think when the Imperial Household Agency takes the lead in image strategy.

From the September 30 and October 7, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo (Princess Eugene) Jiji Press

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