Criticism is pouring in! The identity and reputation of the representative of the “Burdock Party” as reported by this magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Criticism is pouring in! The identity and reputation of the representative of the “Burdock Party” as reported by this magazine

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Floyd Mayweather “shopping spree” at Hermes specialty store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Floyd Mayweather and Mirai Asakura’s exhibition match at the mixed martial arts event “Super RIZIN” has been under fire outside of the match. Flames” have been raging outside of the match.

One person who took action that came as a surprise was Takushi Okuno, a representative of the “Burdock Party. He was in charge of presenting a bouquet of flowers before the match, but he threw the bouquet away in front of Mayweather.

While Mayweather was praised for picking up the bouquet that was thrown away, Okuno was bashed heavily. Not only the martial arts industry, but also singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and others voiced their complaints. After the match, CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara apologized in the ring for the incident, but some U.S. media have begun to report on it, and it seems difficult to settle the situation for the time being.

The “Burdock Party” is a political organization launched in June of this year, headed by Okuno, an IT company manager, and has attracted attention because many celebrities have expressed their support for it. Eleven members ran for proportional representation in the Upper House election, but failed to win any seats.

FRIDAY” reported on the “Burdock Party” on June 15. At that time, there were still many unclear points, but the “president who launched the burdock party” mentioned in the article was Representative Okuno. The following is a reproduction of the article (title, age, etc. as they were at the time).

Behind the announcement by the revealing YouTube star Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. Garcy, that he is running for NHK, there is a political party that is suddenly attracting a lot of attention on social networking sites: the “Burdock Party.

The reason why the “Burdock Party” has become a topic of conversation is that it is a political party that has been attracting a lot of attention on social networking sites, including those of Takayuki Yamada (38), who has often been mentioned among Gershwin’s connections, and of One OK Rock’s OK ROCK’s Taka (34) of “ONE OK ROCK,” Tomohisa Yamashita (37), and YouTuber Hikaru, all of whom have been mentioned in the Gershie network. Yamada uploaded a post about burdock root on his SNS simultaneously on June 8.

Yamada posted a picture of gobo-ten on Instagram and commented, “Let’s all eat gobo together, shall we? Looking at the hashtag, the words “burdock party” are there.

Taka posted a photo on Instagram with the words “burdock root party” along with the comment, “This is what it’s all about, after all. After all,” he commented.

Hikaru also uploaded a photo on his Instagram with “burdock party” written on it. I don’t understand it, but I don’t dislike this way of thinking,” he commented.

Yamashita, on the other hand, did not write “burdock root party,” but posted a photo of a burdock dish on Twitter. Yamashita, on the other hand, did not mention the words “burdock root party,” but he wrote on Twitter, “Of course it is delicious. The burdock gives it a nice taste. I want to expand my cooking range.

The fact that these are all people who have been in contact with Gershey, and that they seem to support the new party rather than the NHK party, has led some to speculate that they are trying to compete with Gershey. This has led some to speculate that they are trying to compete with Gurthy. What is the “Gobo Party” really about?

According to the official Twitter page of the Burdock Party, “I was smiling when I was thinking about what is the most important thing. 7/10 House of Councillors Election Candidates Wanted”. The purpose is to protect culture, entertainment, athletes, and food safety, but those who know the Burdock Party raise eyebrows.

The person who launched the burdock party is said to be the president, who once appeared on Hikaru’s YouTube page. He runs numerous companies and also has a store in Ginza. He is a man who has a lot of contacts in the world of politics and business, not to mention celebrities. He is a great admirer of Japanese culture and is active in campaigns to protect species. He is also proudly anti-vaccine and anti-masking.

His dynamic style has also caused some trouble, according to an IT company executive.

An IT company manager continues, “We had set up a YouTube site for a super pop idol, but the site suddenly disappeared, and we are in trouble. The production cost was 10 million yen per video, and although the performers were paid, the production company has not been paid. Although he has the money, he is very particular …… or rather, he has strong assumptions, and frequently intervenes in the field. The staff members were completely exhausted by the long, angry e-mails they received. On top of that, they were paid nothing. In the end, everyone cried themselves to sleep.

Is the launch of the Burdock Party a response to Garcie?

I heard that the idea for the Burdock Party itself had been in the works for several years. In the first place, they were targeting the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, and they were supposed to run a famous YouTuber of businessman type and a charismatic host who has been featured many times in the host’s media, etc. The fact that they are now making a move may mean that they are looking at the Upper House election. As for Garcie, he has been slamming her on social networking sites, so it is clear that he hates her.

One thing is for sure: …… will probably avoid casting celebrities associated with Garcy and the “Burdock Party” in the future.

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