Kana Katase’s “dangerous history with men” has long been a concern even after she was expelled from her office | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kana Katase’s “dangerous history with men” has long been a concern even after she was expelled from her office

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Nana Katase’s entertainment career was pinched when her boyfriend, the president, was arrested for drugs.

Actress Nana Katase left the major entertainment agency “Kenon” on September 30. On her official website, it was announced that she had decided to make a new start, and companies announced this as “independence”. However, there is still no word from her directly to her fans, and her future plans are still blank.

Speaking of Katase, in July this year, “Bunshun Online” reported that the president of her live-in company had been arrested on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Law (possession of cocaine), and their home in Tokyo was raided, and although no illegal drugs were found, Katase also took a voluntary urine test and tested negative.

At that time, the office denied the raid and urine test, but in the following “follow-up article” by Bunshun, they retracted their previous statement and said, “We have admitted the fact that Katase underwent a raid and urine test. In other words, it seems that Katase was giving false explanations to the office.

Naturally, the relationship of trust between the talent and the agency collapsed. She was effectively “fired”. If this was really a case of “independence”, the future plans and schedules of the actress and the talent would have been decided to some extent, but since it was a case of “firing”, nothing has been decided at all.

Of course, Katase may not be satisfied with this punishment. He may want to hold a press conference and claim that he is “clean” when it comes to drugs, but things are not that simple.

“After his best friend, Erika Sawajiri, his live-in girlfriend was also arrested for drugs. Even though the urine test showed her to be clean, if she holds a press conference, she is likely to come under fire. I think he’s stuck in limbo at the moment,” said a sports reporter.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but I think it’s a good idea.

“Even after Sawajiri’s arrest, there were always rumors about drugs around Katase. In fact, apart from that, Katase’s bad behavior and history with men has been a problem for some time, and Ken-on has always covered for her.

People in the entertainment industry are well aware of this fact. It’s no wonder that Ken-on has run out of patience with Katase, as she has clearly returned the favor, and there will be no easy way for the media to use her.

Katase made her debut as a fashion model in 1998 at the age of 17, but in 2007, she was photographed smoking at the age of 19. Immediately after that, other magazines picked up articles one after another with contents such as “she was walking and smoking at the Ganges River where she visited for filming” and “she was always blowing smoke on the set of the drama.

In ’12, this magazine reported that she was living with a regular guy she was dating at the time.

In ’12, this magazine published an article about her living together with a man she was dating at the time. “They start living together at Katase’s house right after they meet. I remember that although he looked mild-mannered, he had a very quick temper.

I remember Katase always putting such a man on his butt and walking in front of him with his shopping bags, smoking a cigarette. I heard that Katase was ready to get married, but the office tried hard to stop her.

Three years later, she started dating the president of the company in question, and Katase, who had been known for her love of clubbing since her teens, hit it off with her, and the following year they started living together at Katase’s house in Setagaya Ward, the site of her arrest.

“The rumor of his partner’s drug use had spread throughout the industry. Naturally, the office was aware of the rumors. Katase denied it every time. Even after this arrest, Katase lied to the office saying that his house was raided and his urine was tested, saying that there was no truth to it.

In fact, this may not be the only lie. Kenon said in a magazine interview that they had already broken up, but that was based on Katase’s testimony, and there are testimonies that they haven’t actually broken up.

Is she going to get a boyfriend? Or will she try to make a comeback in the entertainment industry? I’d love to hear what she has to say…

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