Molested and threatened…28-year-old man’s “evil trick” of attacking a high school girl | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Molested and threatened…28-year-old man’s “evil trick” of attacking a high school girl

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Ichikawa not only molested the victim, but also threatened her to commit the crime. He is now being investigated for other crimes as well.

Running away is futile.

Toshiya Ichikawa, 28, a part-time worker residing in Saitama Prefecture, was arrested for indecently touching a high school girl on a train and chasing and threatening the girl as she ran away.

The incident occurred in June this year. The suspect put his hand inside the skirt of the high school girl and touched her lower body for more than 10 minutes on the JR Saikyo Line train running in Kita-ku, Tokyo.

After committing a series of indecent acts, Ichikawa then went on to commit even more despicable acts. He ambushed a high school girl who got off the train at Akabane Station and fled to the restroom, and chased her for 300 meters after she left the restroom and fled the station. Along the way, they allegedly hurled threats such as, “It’s no use running away,” and “You can spread the pictures and spread the word.

The Saikyo Line is extremely crowded every day during commuting and homecoming hours. Ichikawa must have known this. It is believed to have been a premeditated crime, and the investigation is being conducted carefully to determine whether or not there are any further crimes.

During the investigation, the suspect’s face was downcast, and he remained slumped over the entire time. He is said to have responded honestly to the interrogation.

Ichikawa told the interrogator

He admitted to the charges, stating, “I couldn’t control my desire to touch the girl, so I did it.

He admitted to the charges. The crime is extremely malicious, as he molested the victim and chased her relentlessly. What kind of sentence will he receive? Shuji Suzuki of the SINTO Law Office, a specialist in obscenity cases, explains.

If he only touched her on her skirt, it would be a violation of the Ordinance on Prevention of Nuisances, which is a minor offense. Also, since he chased after the victim and threatened to spread the photos, he may be charged with intimidation. If it is only indecent assault, it is possible to be prosecuted for the first offense if a settlement is reached with the victim, but this case is so malicious that even if a settlement is reached, there is a possibility that the defendant will be prosecuted. If he is charged with indecent assault and intimidation, he will probably be imprisoned for two to three years if it is his first offense, and he will probably receive a suspended sentence.”

Mr. Suzuki also mentions the possibility of recidivism.

In most cases, molesters are caught after doing it a number of times. It is highly likely that this is not the first time for Ichikawa either. And if he was so bold as to commit such a daring crime, he may have committed a number of crimes in his own way and thought he would not be caught. Molestation is a crime with a high recidivism rate. Even if they say at the time that they will never do it again, the reality is that more than a few of them will get caught again.

In order to prevent new victims, Ichikawa must be dealt with harshly.

Ichikawa getting into the convoy. Strict measures are required to prevent recidivism.
  • Photo Shinji Hasuo

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