Choji Murata: “Surrounded by a large number of police officers…” The “whole story” of the tense arrest of the suspect. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Choji Murata: “Surrounded by a large number of police officers…” The “whole story” of the tense arrest of the suspect.

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Former Lotte suspect Choji Murata was arrested at Haneda Airport on September 23. During his active career, he was famous for his masakari pitching…

Choji Murata, a former professional baseball player for the Lotte team, was arrested at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 on September 23 for assault. As we continued our interview, we learned more about the tense situation at that time.

Mr. Murata was in trouble at the security checkpoint, which is reserved for JAL first-class passengers and premium members,” he said.

He happened to be a male passenger who happened to be there. When he saw Murata, he was already surrounded by nearly 10 uniformed police officers.

Mr. Murata, dressed in a light gray jacket and dark blue pants, was holding a brown paper envelope about the size of A4 in his hand in addition to his carry-on bag. We did not recognize him at first, but we thought he might be an athlete or fighter because of his fine physique.

Then in the evening, we heard the news that Mr. Murata had been arrested, and we were surprised to hear that he was the one who had been in trouble.

According to news reports, Murata was arrested for assaulting a female airport inspector. However, although he had not laid a hand on the officer or staff member when he saw her, he was still saying to himself, “Is this still a no-no?

He said, “You still can’t have it!”

I don’t have it! I don’t have it!”

I always go in with it!”

He was talking in a very strong tone of voice.

Anyway, Mr. Murata was very agitated, and the policeman was trying very hard to calm him down, demanding that he submit something in his possession. However, Murata-san didn’t seem to listen at all.

The back-and-forth at the security checkpoint lasted more than 30 minutes. A female JAL ground staff member, who was watching from a distance, was left with a puzzled expression on her face.

Another female passenger who was present also recalled the terrifying scene.

Another female passenger who was also present at the scene recounted the terrifying scene: “Mr. Murata tried several times to force his way into the airport, overcoming the police’s attempts to stop him. But every time he tried, two or three police officers stood in front of him and told him ‘no, no, no, no.’ He was yelling at them.

Mr. Murata was yelling at them, and the policemen were calm in their words, but they seemed to be in a state of panic. It was very scary.

The scene was a veritable battlefield. In an attempt to defuse the situation, the police officer repeatedly asked, “How many times are you going to interrupt other customers?

Please come over here, you are disturbing other customers.

The police officers repeatedly urged Murata to move to a different location.

What did he have in his possession and why did he stubbornly refuse to turn it in? The mystery remains…

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