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Swearing at the invitation table… Trouble case file of “professional baseball player’s wife”.

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Misae Eto, wife of Sousuke Genda (left) of the Saitama Seibu Lions and former Nogizaka46, revealed to have been slandered by a teammate’s wife (photo is a composite)

Misae Eto, wife of Sousuke Genda of the Saitama Seibu Lions, one of baseball’s leading playmakers, and a former member of Nogizaka46. A report in the weekly Bunshun revealed that she had been slandered by the wife of teammate Harusyo Yamada, an infielder. On September 21, the day of the report, Genda explained the contents of the report on his Instagram, in which he even announced that he had consulted with the baseball team, saying, “Please don’t take baseball away from the player in question (Yamada).

Make sure you educate your mother well.”

A reporter for a sports newspaper revealed, “The players’ wives’ disputes have caused the players’ wives to be in conflict with each other.

There have been stories before about players’ wives’ disputes affecting the departure of players and coaches. Last year, Atsunori Inaba, who led the Samurai Japan team to a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, was said to be the most likely candidate to become the new manager of Nippon Ham, but as a result, he settled for GM and was replaced by Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the big boss.

This was due in no small part to the fact that the previous year, in the fall of 2020, a report in the Weekly Bunshun revealed that Director Inaba’s wife had repeatedly harassed a couple of three junior players who belonged to Nippon Ham at the time, in a manner that could be perceived as power harassment. Of the three juniors, there were rumors about Naoo Miyanishi, who still remains at Nichi-Ham, that if Inaba had taken over as manager, Miyanishi would have disappeared from Nichi-Ham.

The reports about GM Inaba and Miyanishi were an example of wives slandering each other, which ultimately affected the departure of their husbands. The fact is that in the world of professional baseball, there is a tendency to ask “What will happen to Yamada?

In fact, there are quite a few cases of troubles caused by such “wives of players” in the world of professional baseball. A former employee of a baseball team in eastern Japan revealed the following.

There was a time when Ms. C, the wife of a player on the same team, B, was furious with A, a major player who had played for more than 20 years in the pros and had won the home run and runs batted in crowns. B was the type of player who could lead the team in both play and personality, and he had even served as the team’s player president. His wife, Mrs. C, was so enthusiastic that she would come to support B even on regional tours.

However, around the time B became president of the players’ association, he felt he had to lead the team as well, and his outspoken behavior became noticeable. He wanted to control the “relaxation room,” which was only for the players and their families, and other players complained about his behavior.

One time, Mr. C acted in a way that angered A at an invitational table at his home stadium.

Mr. C, who had come to the invitation seating to watch B’s game, was chatting with people around him whom he knew well. So, in the course of the conversation, he said something bad that offended A. This was overheard by A, as a guest that A had invited happened to be sitting nearby.

A knew not only that he had been spoken ill of, but also that there had been complaints about Mr. C from other players. So, as a key player on the team, he couldn’t help but say it. As soon as he found B in the players’ waiting room, he was furious, saying, ‘You, make sure you educate your mother.

Atsunori Inaba, current NIHAM GM (left) and pitcher Naoo Miyanishi, whose wife’s slanderous remarks about each other surfaced in some media reports in the fall of 2020 (photo is a composite).

His wife, who has experience as a manager, is ……

A person involved in the baseball world who knows about this incident overheard the following.

After A became angry, Mr. C did not act so brazenly anymore, and the team did not lose any games, so the matter was resolved, but a slight disturbance in the atmosphere can affect morale. Managers and coaches are just as much concerned with improving the skills of their players and developing winning strategies as they are about disturbing the atmosphere of the team without their knowledge.

Furthermore, Mr. D’s wife, Mrs. E, who was the manager of a certain baseball team, was also a woman who was always rumored to be a rumor in the baseball world. Another person involved with a certain baseball team revealed, “After Mrs. D retired as a player, she became a coaching coach.

After retiring as a player, Mrs. D worked as a coach before becoming a manager, and as her husband rose in the ranks, Mrs. E also “became a great person. She became the center of a group of wives in a room in the baseball team’s facility where children were allowed to join them. Not only in the baseball world, but there are often stories of power relations among mothers at parks and other places, and a similar kind of “pecking order” among players’ wives somehow formed. One player’s wife, who was innocently letting her child play without knowing it, was horrified when Mr. E said to her, “Why are you in there without permission? I also heard that one player’s wife, who was unaware of this, was horrified when Mr. E said something like, “Why are you in there without permission?

Mr. D himself is not a bad character and is well-liked, but Mr. E’s reputation was not so good. However, Mr. D is famous for being a horrible wife. …… He knew he had to be careful, but he couldn’t say it; Mr. D’s older players and coaches often teased him about being a wife-beater (laughs).”

It’s all good as long as it ends in laughter, but “controlling” a player’s wife may be more difficult than coaching the player.

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