Regretful at the Casino…The “True Face of a 16-Year-Old” Shown by Prince Eugene at the “Cultural Festival | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Regretful at the Casino…The “True Face of a 16-Year-Old” Shown by Prince Eugene at the “Cultural Festival

The Kirin Festival at the University of Tsukuba High School was a "fairyland

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Prince Hisahito of Akishino, now 16 years old, showed his “real face” at the cultural festival of Tsukuba University High School, where he was relaxed and carefree (Photo: Shinji Hasuo)

He said, “Wow! What a shame!”

The voices of the male students in the casino room were especially loud with regret at the “Kirin Festival,” a cultural festival held at Tsukuba University High School on September 10-11, 2012. Prince Hisahito of Akishino, the eldest son of the Akishino family, enjoyed his first Kirin Festival.

The concept of the 66th Kirin Festival was “fairyland. Each group developed a plan incorporating elements of a fairy tale.

Each class in each grade puts on a performance. Some use the classrooms for a haunted house or casino, while others use the stage for a band performance or dance. First-year high school students get to know each other through the summer Tateshina life (class camp), and this cultural festival solidifies their unity” (current student).

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the festival was held open to the public for the first time in three years. However, due to infection control measures, admission was again restricted this year, and only “one parent per student” and “junior high school students who are considering taking entrance exams and their parents” were allowed to enter the festival during a set time after making reservations in advance.

Before Corona, the school was very busy with parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members of students taking the entrance exam, as well as many alumni and junior and senior high school students from other schools. Parents also had a lot of fun, meeting up with mothers and fathers from their classes and clubs and going around together. This year, due to the restricted admission, the school was a bit deserted and it was a bit lonely.

(Parent) “Since we were only allowed in during the designated times, there was very little chance for acquaintances to meet each other. However, the students seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

Eugene’s class ran a “Haunted Box” haunted house.

It is a “box-type haunted house,” in which visitors enter a box large enough to hold a person and experience a scary VR The class that planned the haunted house had a number of There were several classes that organized haunted houses, but this group’s project was particularly popular, and there were long lines in the hallways.

The pamphlet says, “In September Reiwa 2022, a room in Chikutsuke is plunged into darkness – a new kind of horror experience that can only be had here in a small box with no light coming in. Did Eugene also stage a horror show here?

During the festival, students are free to look around at other performances, except when it is their turn to run their own group. It is said that Eugene was seen doing so as well.

I saw him with three or four others at a casino held by the second grade class. They used fake coins and of course didn’t actually spend money, but the students running the casino gave an explanation in a manner that was quite authentic,” said a current student.

A current student said, “I got so excited while betting (laughs). (Laughs.) “He was so frustrated when he lost. I thought, ‘Oh, he’s just a normal boy.

The school, one of the most prestigious national schools in Tokyo, is known for its liberal school culture, and extracurricular activities, such as cultural festivals and club activities, are very active. “This year’s Kirin Festival was a great success.

This year’s Kirin Festival was run by a committee of 72 members. After two years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, I think we were able to put on a fulfilling festival,” said one of the third-year students.

One of the third-year students expressed his pride. One year ago, the issue of Eugene’s entrance into high school became a major topic of conversation. Midori Watanabe, a journalist on the Imperial Household, said, “The future emperor will be Eugene.

High school is a very precious three years for Eugene, the future emperor. I think it was a courageous choice for him to enroll in the high school attached to the University of Tsukuba, despite the surrounding noise. The friends he will make at this school, where he will be able to freely learn in a liberal school culture, will become his “friends for life. It would be even better if he met the woman who will be his life-long companion (laughs). I hope that your days at the school will be fruitful.

The pamphlet for the Kirin Festival says, “It’s like something out of a picture book.

The pamphlet for the Kirin Festival states, “We have created a gorgeous and joyful world that is just like something out of a picture book. Let’s savor the magic of these two days together at the Kirin Festival.

I wonder if His Highness Prince Eugene had the same “magical time” here.

From September 27, the final examinations for the first semester will begin. After the cultural festival, students began studying for the exams all at once. After the exam vacation, the end-of-school ceremony and the fall vacation followed. The opening ceremony for the second semester will be held on October 12, followed by a series of sports events.

Chikuzuke, which Prince Eugene attends, has a spacious campus that one would not expect to find in Tokyo. In front of the school gate, there is a noticeboard showing the awards the school has received in various competitions, which speaks of the excellence of the school.
A pamphlet for the Kirin Festival. The pamphlet is of high quality, with a beautiful design and contents that are worth reading.
A pamphlet introducing the school’s events. There is also a guide to the “Haunted House” held by Princess Eugene’s class. You can also watch a video on the official Youtube site.
Students walk up the hill to school. On the right is Chikutuke, and across the street from it is Ochanomizu University, where Princess Eugene attended from kindergarten to junior high school. This is one of the most prestigious educational districts in Tokyo.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo (1st photo)

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