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Former fiancé is confused… Behind the scenes of Kei Komuro’s “direct negotiations”.

Kei Komuro, 30, has been trying to negotiate with his former fiancee for some time now.

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Mr. Komuro arrives at Narita Airport

Kei Komuro, 30, has been shocked by the developments. Mr. Naofumi Ueshiba, the lawyer representing the Komuro family, made a statement to the effect that “direct negotiations between Kei Komuro and his former fiancee are being coordinated” in response to some media interviews. As a result, the phrase “direct negotiations between Ms. Komuro and her ex-fiancee” appeared in many media reports. A reporter in charge of the Imperial Household Agency said.

“Before the wedding press conference, it was said that the Komuro family was going to take some action regarding this financial problem, so there was a big commotion. On the other hand, the ex-fiancee’s representative told the media that he had not agreed to direct negotiations.

On October 10, the ex-fiancé’s lawyer released a comment in which he explained his feelings about the “direct negotiation” proposal.

“We were planning to wait until Kayo’s health recovered, but as Kei is about to get married, we can’t ignore her feelings and are struggling to decide what to do. We are struggling to figure out what to do.

There is a reason why the ex-fiancé is confused: since the negotiations between the Komuro family and the ex-fiancé began in May 2007, Mr. Komuro has never been directly involved in the negotiations. When the ex-fiancée appealed to the media in November 2008 that she did not need another 4 million yen refund, the ex-fiancée did not receive any response from Mr. Komuro.

Mako is scheduled to attend a press conference with Komuro on October 26.

So why is Mr. Komuro trying to start “direct negotiations” at this time? This is what the reporter said.

“The main point of the October 26 wedding press conference is whether or not Mr. Komuro will be able to explain the ‘4 million yen financial problem’ to the public’s satisfaction. No one will be convinced if Mr. Komuro simply replies, “We are taking it seriously” or “We are communicating with him through his agent,” when asked by a reporter, “What happened to the financial problem? On the other hand, if he were to repeat the same assertions he made in the “Komuro Documents” released in April this year, he would inevitably be criticized by the public.

Therefore, I think Mr. Komuro’s side would like to have the fact that he has started negotiations with his ex-fiancee at any cost. Once they meet, whether face-to-face or online, that may be enough. In the press conference, Ms. Komuro said, “I myself met with my ex-fiancee on behalf of my mother, and we have begun discussions. I will refrain from answering the details because of the issue of his privacy,’ so she can avoid being pursued by reporters.

The former fiancée, while expressing her reluctance to negotiate directly with Mr. Komuro, is said to be troubled by the fact that her presence is becoming an obstacle to their impending marriage. The only thing the public wants from Mr. Komuro is a sincere explanation…

  • Photo by Shinji Hamasaki Kyodo News Co.

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