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Kohei Arihara, who is out of the major leagues….

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In the majors, there have been many pitches knocked out in the early innings (Image: AP/Afro)

A tragedy rarely seen in recent years.

The American sports media was so scathing of his pitching that it was described as “a tragedy rarely seen in recent years. Kohei Arihara (30) of the Rangers, who started the game against the Blue Jays on September 11 (Japan time), gave up 11 runs on 12 hits and 5 walks in 3 innings. He pitched so poorly that the next day, he was removed from the 40-man major league roster and effectively ruled out of the lineup.

The next day, he was removed from the 40-man major league roster, and he was effectively declared out of the lineup. It was no wonder, because he had no power and his pitching rhythm deteriorated as soon as he allowed a runner to reach base. His tempo is slow, so it has a negative impact on the fielder he is protecting.

Since his debut with the Rangers in April 2009, Arihara has gone 3-7 with a 7.57 earned-run average in two years in the majors. He was nearly five points off the pace in the minors. It was not until August that he was finally promoted again.

No team will sign him to a major league contract.

Arihara’s pitching form in the majors (Image: AP/Afro)

Nachi Tomonari, a sports journalist with extensive knowledge of the majors, said.

He was promoted again, but only because of the team’s mess. The GM and manager were dismissed due to poor performance, and reinforcements were not forthcoming, so Arihara, who was in the middle of a two-year contract, was brought up. The reason for the decline in his pitching ability is thought to be due to his right shoulder, which he had surgery on in May 2009. As it stands now, it is unlikely that any team will sign him to a major league contract.”

The realistic options are to continue playing in the minors or return to Japanese baseball.

If there is little chance of a major league contract, he will probably return to Japan. The first candidate that comes to mind as a possible acquisition is his old team, Nippon Ham. They have starters such as Naoyuki Uesawa and Hiromi Ito, but they are undeniably lacking in power and are short on pitches. A familiar team might be able to revive Arihara.

A surprising team has also been mentioned.

The Giants. This season, the Giants are languishing in the B class, and the cause is probably their pitching staff, which has the worst team defense ratio in the league. Ace pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano is showing signs of decline, and the team has not been able to find a stable starting pitcher to follow Shoyuki Togo. It is not surprising that they would show interest in Arihara, who has a good track record in Japan with a total of 60 wins in six years and is also young in age.

Arihara’s agent is Joel Wolff of the Wasserman Media Group, a major agent, who is a good salesman. If the Giants offer favorable terms and it becomes a money game, I think Nichi-Ham will back out.

Arihara won the rookie of the year and the most wins in Japan, but failed to show his true potential in the majors. His departure this offseason will be closely watched.

He was an ace for Nichi-Ham, but …… (Image: AP/Afro)
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