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Behind the 16 million yen demand… Why Kayo Komuro is in “financial trouble

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Kayo Komuro, 56, is said to be noticeably “rusty in the pocketbook.

According to a report in Shukan Bunshun, she has demanded a refund of approximately 16 million yen from a man she used to live with. The degree of his insult was apparently so severe that the man, unable to bear it any longer, rushed to the police.

Kayo is well known for her former fiancé, who attracted the public’s attention due to a debt dispute involving approximately 4 million yen.

The man in question is a different person from her ex-fiancé. It seems that both men had marriage in mind, or at least had it as a prerequisite, and their ‘lovesickness’ came to the fore once again.

Kayo is single to begin with, and if it were only her history of love affairs, there might not have been so much of a problem.

As was the case with her ex-fiancé, there have been many money-related problems involving Kayo. For members of the Imperial Family, disputes of that kind are the most taboo subject. If you remember that a lump-sum marriage payment is made when a couple leaves the Imperial Family, it will become clear.

The Imperial Household Economy Law stipulates that the reason for the lump-sum payment out of government funds is to “provide for the maintenance of the dignity of the former members of the Imperial Family.

This means that they place such high value on dignity and respect that money-related troubles are not allowed. This is not about Kei, but about Kayo, and of course she has her own arguments. However, when things like this keep happening, I think the royal family and the Imperial Household Agency feel more than ever that they want to keep their distance from Kayo.

Kayo’s contract with her employer has been terminated due to the series of disturbances, and it is said that she has no plans to find a job in the future.

Kayo, whose source of income has been cut off, is probably very anxious about her future and has asked for a refund. Although her thoughts are not clear, I believe that she is aware of the unreasonableness of the situation to some extent. If it is true that she still insisted on repaying the money, then she may be in a great financial crisis.

Kayo has been expressing her feelings as if she were obsessed with money in the past.

Kayo once said, “It cost me almost no money to raise Kei. He has made his own way. Even if he offered me a loan, I would not accept it.

Indeed, Kei has received “special treatment,” including a non-repayable scholarship to Fordham University Law School in New York.

I am sure there was a scenario in which Kei would have sent money to Kayo out of concern for her plight, but this is not realistic today. In the first place, there is no balance at all between income and expenses of life in New York. Even if she passed the bar exam, her income and expenses would only improve somewhat, and sending money home would be a dream come true.

It is not clear to us that the royal family, the Imperial Household Agency, and Kayo feel ashamed of their current financial situation.

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