Slightly motionless in the defendant’s seat…Sei Tanaka, “Surprising Words and Actions at First Trial for Methamphetamine.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Slightly motionless in the defendant’s seat…Sei Tanaka, “Surprising Words and Actions at First Trial for Methamphetamine.”

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Defendant Tanaka entering the Matsudo Branch of the Chiba District Court (some images have been doctored)

Courtroom 101 of the Matsudo branch of the Chiba District Court was filled with about 60 bystanders.

At 11:00 a.m. on September 22, former “KAT-TUN” member Sei Tanaka (36), accompanied by two defense attorneys, entered the courtroom. Tanaka, 36, a former member of “KAT-TUN,” appeared in court accompanied by two defense attorneys. He was wearing a black suit, tie, mask, and glasses. Looking somewhat nervous, he sat in the defendant’s seat with his back straight.

The judge, Toshihiro Homma, asked, “What is your date of birth?

When is your date of birth?

Defendant Tanaka : “November 5, 1985.

What is your occupation?

Tanaka : “I am a video editor.

Tanaka answered in a clear tone, “There is no mistake,” as the prosecutor read out the indictment. Behind his ear was a tattoo.

White powder between his pants

Tanaka was caught red-handed on June 29.

A patrol car spotted Tanaka, who was dressed all in black and wearing a straw hat, acting suspiciously near JR Kashiwa Station near his parents’ home. He refused to answer when asked for his name and refused to show identification. When the police obtained a search warrant and searched his belongings, they found a plastic bag measuring 6 cm x 4 cm between the black pants Tanaka was wearing and his body. Inside was a white powder weighing 0.062 grams. It was methamphetamine.

Tanaka was also arrested in February of this year for possessing approximately 0.164 grams of methamphetamine at a business hotel in Nagoya City. He was given a suspended sentence on June 20. At his previous trial, he apologized, saying, ‘I will not be involved (in illegal drugs) at all in the future for the sake of my family and those who support me. However, he was re-arrested just nine days after the verdict.

On September 2, the defendant, Sei Tanaka, was released on bail from the Kashiwa Police Station in Chiba Prefecture where he had been detained. He had filed two requests for bail, but the Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office dismissed them with a quasi-appeal, and finally granted bail on his third request. Bail was set at about 6 million yen.

Tanaka had filed a complaint to the effect that he would not be able to receive treatment if he was detained. Therefore, he was granted bail on the condition that he be hospitalized for drug treatment. After leaving the police station, Tanaka is said to have gone to a specialized hospital in Chiba Prefecture, rather than to his parents’ home in Kashiwa City.

As for the sentence, however, he will not get a stay of execution because it will be his third arrest for methamphetamine (his third arrest on a “use” charge immediately after his second arrest). A light sentence could lead to a public outcry. He will probably be sentenced to about one year and six months in prison.

Is Tanaka already prepared to receive a prison sentence? His demeanor at his first trial was even a little disconcerting. In the defendant’s seat, he kept looking straight ahead with his hands lightly clasped. He hardly moved for about 30 minutes.

According to the indictment, Tanaka has been using marijuana for more than five years and has been using methamphetamine five to six times a month for about a year. He has also admitted his guilt. I don’t want him to betray the feelings of his family and fans again. ……

After the first trial, Tanaka bowed lightly to the judge. He bowed as he left the room. The verdict is scheduled to be handed down on December 13.

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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