Mei Nagano “in a flower-patterned black one-piece” can’t hide her “cuteness”…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mei Nagano “in a flower-patterned black one-piece” can’t hide her “cuteness”…!

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Meiku Nagano leaves the venue in her casual clothes after the presentation ceremony of the “Hoso Bunka Foundation Award.

Mei Nagano (22) attended the presentation ceremony of the “Hoso Bunka Foundation Award” held at Toranomon in Minato Ward on July 9. Last year, she starred in “Hakozume: Fight! (NTV), in which she starred last year, won the Grand Prize in the TV Drama category, and Nagano herself received an acting award.

In “Hakozume,” Nagano played a rookie female police officer, a role that she really got into. Her acting was so natural that you would think that her small gestures, complaints, and light talk were her ‘real’ personality, so it was a convincing award.

At the presentation ceremony, Nagano was dressed in a chic black one-piece dress, but when she appeared in the hotel’s underground parking lot a little after 7 p.m., she was dressed in a black one-piece dress with a red flower pattern and was walking with her head down, looking up and scurrying around, as if she was in a strange situation walking among the strong staff like SP. Her eyes were smiling like a mischievous child as she looked around, and even wearing a mask could not hide how “cute” she looked.

The movie “My Broken Mariko,” which will be released on September 30 and stars Nagano, tells the story of the main character who learns that her best friend, who was abused by her father, has died, and sets off on a journey to retrieve the remains from her father. Nagano plays the role of the main character, who works for a black company and has a bad temper, and she also tries her hand at smoking. She is not only “cute,” but she is also something to look out for.

She looks as if she is smiling, perhaps because she is in a funny situation being sandwiched by a man who looks like an SP.
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