Sleeping pills put him to sleep and sexually assaulted him…Popular guesthouse owner’s “Satanic M.O.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sleeping pills put him to sleep and sexually assaulted him…Popular guesthouse owner’s “Satanic M.O.”

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Exterior view of “Dekoya” where the crime took place. In addition to accommodations, the guesthouse also operates a café, which is said to be very popular (quoted from “Dekoya” Facebook).

The woman was supposed to spend a pleasant time away from her daily life at the guesthouse. However, she lost consciousness after a while after drinking alcohol offered by the owner. Upon confirming this, the owner committed a devious act.

On September 20, Okayama Prefectural Police arrested Toshiharu Takeuchi, 48, on suspicion of quasi-forcible sexual intercourse. The suspect committed the crime at his guesthouse “Cafe & GuestHouse The suspect committed the crime at his guesthouse, Cafe & GuestHouse “Tsuchiya.

The suspect, Takeuchi, was staying alone from the night of August 8, 2019 to the morning of August 9, 2019. The suspect is suspected of mixing a sleeping drug with alcohol served to a woman in her 30s from Kanagawa Prefecture who was staying at the guesthouse, making her unable to resist, and then sexually assaulting her. This was the first time the woman had used this guesthouse. The guesthouse received high ratings on travel websites for its renovated old private house and reputation for food. It seems that there were many repeat customers, but behind the scenes, the guesthouse was involved in some outrageous misdeeds,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

A photo of the inside of the Deco-ya facility. Other photos posted on SNS included commemorative photos with customers and photos of Nagashi Somen events (quoted from Takeuchi’s Instagram).

In March 2022, another woman who used “Deco Ya” consulted the police after experiencing vomiting and other symptoms. Then, drugs were detected in the woman’s body. In response, the Okayama Prefectural Police launched an investigation. Takeuchi emerged as a suspect.

Former Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and crime journalist Taihei Ogawa pointed out the viciousness of the case.

We think he used so-called ‘rape drugs. This is a technique that has been around for many years, but I feel it is on the rise these days. Sleeping pills are not something you keep at home. It is highly likely that the crime was premeditated. It is also highly malicious to target a favorite, first-time visitor. Maybe some of them have visited several times and have been victimized. So from the moment a reservation is made, they prepare to commit the crime.”

According to the prefectural police, they have found numerous photos and videos of guests allegedly taken without their permission at the facility, and they are investigating with multiple additional charges in mind.

The possibility of further damage being uncovered is high, and the habitual nature of the crime is suspected. The basic premise is that you should feel safe putting into your mouth what you are served at the place you are staying. There is no need to be wary of facilities that you have chosen and paid to stay at. We may think that what is served is delicious, but we have zero vigilance to be suspicious of it. The fact that they are taking advantage of this perception is also not acceptable.

Not only in this case, but some sexual assaults come to light. This is because the person is unaware of it and loses consciousness after speaking out, so even if they become suspicious, if enough time has passed, it is difficult to prove the damage. It is unfortunate, but there are probably many people who are crying themselves to sleep,” said Ogawa.

When questioned by the police, Takeuchi is said to have said, “I will keep silent about whether I did or did not do it. This is a despicable crime that betrayed the trust of a female customer who was through no fault of her own. We hope that the truth will be revealed and that he will be punished severely.

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