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Mayweather “35 Million Yen Birkin in Ginza” Photo of the scene of the bombing

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Mayweather directs his staff to load the Birkin he purchased for 35 million yen into his car.

On a mid-September evening, five black-painted hired cars pulled up in a row in the high-end boutique district of Ginza, Tokyo. A flamboyant man dressed in full-body Gucci got out of the car with a large number of followers. He will fight Mirai Asakura (30) in the main event of the “Cho-RIZIN” martial arts event to be held on the 25th.

He arrived in Japan ahead of schedule, but it seems that his purpose was shopping rather than making adjustments in preparation for the Asakura fight. The weak yen in Japan today makes it possible to buy luxury goods at much lower prices than in the U.S., and they are having a shopping spree in Omotesando and Ginza every day,” said a source involved in the martial arts.

This evening, Mayweather visited a store specializing in Hermes products. After shopping for about 30 minutes, Mayweather bought a Birkin bag with a cool look on his face. When he left the store, a Japanese staff member overheard the price and said, “A 35 million yen Birkin? For real? They couldn’t help but exclaim, “Really?

After finishing his luxury shopping without even moving an eyebrow, Mayweather returned to his car with his friends, saying, “Next, let’s eat! and returned to his car with his crew in tow. The staff members were all wearing caps with “TMT” written on them. This is the acronym for “THE MONEY TEAM,” the logo of the apparel brand he produces. Even the Japanese drivers of the hired cars were wearing these caps and suits, and passersby stopped to see what was going on.

At a press conference in June when the Mayweather vs. Mirai Asakura match was announced, Mayweather excitedly said in front of the camera, “This press conference is 200 million yen for 30 minutes. The fight money for the Tenshin Nasukawa fight in 2018 is said to be 1 billion yen, and it is certain to be more than 1.5 billion yen more than that this time.

Is the “silver bra and explosive shopping” just before the Asakura fight a sign that the fighters are smug and calm? The match of interest will be held at the Saitama Super Arena on September 25.

Mayweather, surrounded by passersby at night in Ginza, acts cool as usual.
Going to the Hermes specialty store in a flashy full-body Gucci fashion.
A hired car driver in a suit with a “TMT” logo cap that doesn’t suit him at all

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