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KARA is making a comeback after 7 years! KARA’s “God Style” photos

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Members of KARA at a press conference in Japan in 2011. What kind of performance will they show us after their reunion? From left to right: Jung, Nicole, Gyuri, Sunyoung, and Hala

The Korean girl group KARA will release its 15th anniversary album in November and make a comeback for the first time in seven years. The members of the group are Gyuri (34), Sunyoung (34), Yeonji (28), Nicole (30), and Jung (28). Immediately after the announcement, “KARA” was trending on Twitter in Japan.

The tragic event of former member Koo Hara taking her own life in 2019, at the same time that there was talk of preparations for a KARA reunion, was put to rest. Nevertheless, in response to the strong desire of fans for a reunion, a group photo of the members was released on Instagram in June of this year, when the fan club “KAMILIA” celebrated its 15th anniversary, and expectations for a reunion were once again high.

KARA debuted in Korea in 2007 and quickly rose to the top of the idol game with “Honey,” and when they debuted in Japan in 2010 with “Mister,” their “butt dance,” in which they waved their butts in a cute manner, became so popular that even children imitated them. Their “butt dance,” in which they waved their butts in a cute way, became so popular that even children imitated them, and along with “Girls’ Generation,” they helped spark the K-pop boom in Japan. However, the “K-pop boom” was not over until January 2011, at the height of their popularity.

In January 2011, at the height of their popularity, it became public knowledge that the members had sued their agency for termination of their exclusive contract. The members were forced to sign so-called “slave contracts,” under which they were paid little compensation despite their excessive schedules. As a result, KARA temporarily suspended its activities. After that, both parties agreed to resume the activities that had already been scheduled. They resumed their activities within a month or so.

At the time, KARA was filming the Japanese TV drama “URAKARA” (TV Tokyo), which began in January. He was filming the drama under extremely strict conditions amidst a large crowd of fans. At the end of that year, she made her first appearance on the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.

On the occasion of her comeback, Gyuri posted a message in Japanese on her Twitter page.

Thank you for waiting for so long. I will see you all soon. (I have to study Japanese again.) #kara”.

(I have to study Japanese again.) #kara” We are looking forward to seeing her sharp and cute singing and dancing.

In February 2011, Kara appeared on Nakano-Shinbashi shopping street to film the TV drama “URAKARA,” and the area was so crowded that there was a skirmish between onlookers and Korean guards.
Nicole played the lead role in the drama “URAKARA. She was smiling between takes, making the place feel at home.
On February 3, 2011, the first time Nicole came to Japan since her fiasco with her agency, she was on high alert.
KARA rehearsing for a singing show in 2011, looking beautiful with a toned style. From left to right: Jung, Gyuri, and Seungyeon.
Rehearsal in 2011. Their nervous expressions are very fresh. From left to right: Hala, Gyuri, Nicole, and Seungyeon.
  • PHOTO. Kazuhiko Nakamura(1.5.6). Keisuke Nishi (2nd.3rd). Takeshi Kinugawa(4th).

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