The reason for the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto’s “complete omission” is the discomfort of “Shigeo Nagashima’s information. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The reason for the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto’s “complete omission” is the discomfort of “Shigeo Nagashima’s information.

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The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto continues to be in the aftermath of a women’s scandal. Shigeo Nagashima’s name has also been mentioned…

The “underwear scandal” of the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto has taken a strange turn.

On September 10, Bunshun Online reported on the abortion trouble between Sakamoto and his former girlfriend, Ms. A, based on the testimony of a close friend of the woman. Sakamoto and Ms. A met at a drinking party and had a romantic relationship, and even after he later told her that he had a girlfriend, she still went to see him whenever he called her.

Sakamoto demanded that Ms. A engage in unprotected sexual intercourse and extreme play, and eventually discovered that she was pregnant. When she told Sakamoto about it, he told her he wanted her to have an abortion, and she was so shocked that she attempted suicide.

The Yomiuri Giants told Bunshun that they had already settled the case. The Yomiuri Giants responded that the two parties had already settled the case, and that Mr. A had contacted them several times after the settlement, and that the lawyers had discussed the matter again and agreed not to communicate directly with each other.

The composition of a case that has already been settled is the same as that of actor Teruyuki Kagawa, who was reported to have sexually assaulted a hostess in Ginza. Mr. Kagawa was banned from regular TV programs and commercials, and was effectively banned from the entertainment industry.

As for Sakamoto, however, the wide shows and sports papers have generally ignored him completely. This has been questioned on the Internet.

Bunshun Online posted a message that a wide-show staff member sent to a group chat shared with other people involved in the scandal immediately after the series of scandals were reported. The message reads

《The story about Sakamoto from the Giants that appeared in Bunshun is not to be handled. The Giants have told me that they will not pass on any information related to Mr. Nagashima if I handle it…

This is what was written in the article. The wording of “Mr. Nagashima” is of interest here. Needless to say, this refers to “Mr.” Shigeo Nagashima. Mr. Nagashima was rushed to a Tokyo hospital on September 6.

On September 9, Mina Nagashima, Mr. Nagashima’s second daughter and a sportscaster, reported Mr. Nagashima’s condition through the baseball team.

We apologize for the great concern we have caused everyone regarding Shigeo Nagashima. When he fell on his buttocks at home, he hit the back of his head and there was some bleeding in his brain.

He was treated quickly and was not affected at all, and my father started rehabilitation of his limbs in the general ward yesterday. His consciousness is clear and his voice is strong and healthy. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone for their kindness.

he explained. As far as Mina’s comment is concerned, we can assume that Mr. Nagashima is recovering well….

In fact, when Mr. Nagashima was hospitalized in an emergency, there was information circulating behind the scenes that was the exact opposite of the Yomiuri’s comment that his life was in good condition. Many companies assumed that there was a “just in case” situation. In fact, the fact is that the company tried to “put out the fire” of untrue information with Mina’s comment. The media was relieved by the fact that there was nothing better than the comments of a blood relative, and they are quietly waiting for the day when Mr. Sakamoto will make a full recovery.

This time, the word “Mr. Nagashima” seems to be attached to Sakamoto’s case.

If the Bunshun Online article is true , Sakamoto has even gotten Mr. Nagashima involved, according to a source in the baseball world.

According to a source in the baseball world, “It is said that after the season ends, when the Giants’ ranking is determined, there will be some kind of move. Until now, it would not have been surprising if no charges had been filed against him because he had already settled the case, but the public may not be convinced because of the Kagawa case. If left unchecked, it could lead to the loss of fans.

Sakamoto was not happy about the situation. Sakamoto may have to come up with some kind of a settlement. ……

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