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Kuroshima in “Chimudon” with Shirou Hirano… Morning Drama Actor: “The Reason for the Bright and Dark Side in the Next Movie”.

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Yuna KUROSHIMA, star of “Chimu Doton,” which drew a lot of attention for better or worse

For better or worse, it was a big hit. NHK The morning drama “Chimu Dotdan” will soon reach its last episode. Along with it, a new excitement is being generated by lead actress Yuna KUROSHIMA ( 25 The latest information on Yuna KUROSHIMA (25), the lead actress of the drama.

Immediately after “Chimu Dotdan” ends, Kuroshima will appear in October Kuroshima will appear in the autumn drama “Kurosagi” (TBS) starting in October. TBS TBS), which will start in October. This is the first time that the popular idol King & Prince Prince Shiyoh Hirano of the popular idol group 25 (25) of King & Prince, and the role seems to have a lot of romantic elements. This is the reason why fans are so upset. I hope this doesn’t rub salt in the wound for Kuroshima, who’s reputation has been tarnished by the self-centeredness of the character he played in the morning drama. …… I hope this doesn’t rub salt in the wound.

The truth is that while many actors get their big break in morning dramas, surprisingly few are able to take advantage of the opportunity. On the contrary, there are many who have made the mistake of choosing the wrong film and have stalled out.

We interviewed entertainment journalists to find out which actors have made great strides and which have stalled out by choosing the right film to appear in immediately after the morning drama.

Actors who made a leap forward

Anne ( 36 (36) “I’m a fan of ‘Gochisousan

Actor in “Gochisousan” ( 13 years Anne starred in “Gochisousan” (“Gochisousan”, 13 years), which was very well received. Immediately after that, she appeared in the drama “Hanasaki Mai ga Mutekutta Nai” (NTV), based on the novel by Jun Ikeido. In fact, until then, it was common for the main character of a morning drama to wait one or two cool seasons after the drama ended before appearing in the next drama.

Anne, however, took the aggressive approach of appearing in her next commercial TV drama in April after the morning drama ended in March. There were concerns that it was a little too hasty, but this turned out to be a good thing. The heroine, Mai Hanasaki, who plays a friend of justice, fits her image perfectly, and Anne has quickly become one of the top actresses in the industry.

Kasumi Arimura 29 (TV magazine editor)

Kasumi Arimura starred in the morning drama “Hiyokko” in 2005. Hiyokko (2005). She got her big break when she starred in NON (Reina Noh at that time). 29 Amachan” (“Ama-chan”), in which NONNO (then Reina Nohya, 29) played the lead role ( 13 years ), in which NON (then Reina Noh, 29) played the lead role. She played the role of Kyoko Koizumi as a young girl, and the Seiko-chan cut that was popular at the time attracted a lot of attention as it suited her too well.

One cool year later, she appeared in “Lost Love Chocolatier” (Fuji TV), starring Matsumoto Jun. She played Matsumoto’s younger sister, a role that required her to play the third or fourth most daring scene for a terrestrial TV series. However, she must have seen this as her moment to shine. She performed the role with aplomb, and many people took notice, saying, “She’s not just cute,” and “She has guts. Needless to say, she has made great strides since then. She is now a top actress in her own right.

These two actors are the ones who have made it big. But there are others, such as Mone Kamihiraishi (24), who chose the stage instead of television after her role in the morning drama and has received great acclaim. 24 Dean Fujioka (42), who played the role of the sincere Tomoatsu Godai and then turned around and played the role of Fukada Kyoko’s boss and charmed the audience with the gap he showed between the two. He played a charming and charming role. )” and many other names were also mentioned.

Stalled Actors

SixTONES Hokuto Matsumura of 27 )

Come Come Everybody” ( 21 years of the Minoru’s whirlwind (21 years). He played the role of Yasuko, played by Mone Kamihiraishi, and his performance made his name known to the world as “Who is that real prince-like young man? He made his name known to the world with his performance in the movie “Who is that real prince-like young man?

Matsumura is a member of the popular idol group SixTONES It had just been two years since his debut as a member of the popular idol group SixTONES. It seemed that he was going to make a big leap forward as both an idol and an actor, but he made a complete mistake in choosing his next movie. …… I was so excited to be a part of this project. He played the opposite of Minoru, playing a playboy who doesn’t accept anyone who comes to him. This was not well received. I was like, “The same person as Minoru-san? I’m shocked. Not only did many people say, “I’m shocked,” but also the original fans said, “That’s not what we want from Hokkun (Matsumura)! and “That’s not what we want from Hokkun (Matsumura)! It was expected that he would be the next top Johnny’s actor, but it was really a waste of time.

Kaya Kiyohara ( 20 (20) “I don’t think she’s stalled, but she’s not a star.

The first drama to be released in Japan since the end of the 1980s was “Okaeri Monet” (21 years), which was a hit in the U.S. and was followed by “Kayo Kiyohara” (20 years). In 2009, Kaya Kiyohara starred in Kaya Kiyohara starred in “Okaeri Monet” (2009). Although the film itself was not well received because it was “dark,” she was a talented actress, and she herself was highly acclaimed and her name recognition increased significantly. However, her agency must have noticed this. …… The first time I saw her, I thought she was a very good actress.

Kaya Kiyohara has always had overwhelming acting ability and transparency, the so-called exceptional talent and transparency. That is why her agency NHK films and movies to maintain a noble image. However, perhaps feeling good about the popularity of the morning dramas, she chose a more straightforward trendy romantic drama as her next film. The drama even featured a series of kissing scenes, and many viewers were confused, saying, “I didn’t want to see Kaya Kiyohara like this.

In the end, the drama was not a hit, and unfortunately, it was one that “Kaya Kiyohara didn’t have to do. But she has outstanding acting ability and aura, so I don’t think she will stall just because of the failure of one drama.

Will Yuna Kuroshima’s choice of next film prove to be a good one or a bad one? It will be interesting to see.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always on the lookout for serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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