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Queen Camilla of the U.K. — From Being Hated to Gaining the Support of the People and Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Camilla, whose reputation at home and abroad has changed dramatically (Image: Reuters/Afro)

On September 19, a state funeral was held at Westminster Abbey in London for Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who died at the age of 96. The Emperor and other dignitaries from various countries attended. Among those in attendance was the new queen, Camilla, 75, who was deeply saddened.

She was often seen enjoying afternoon tea with the queen and consulting with her about the royal family. Queen Camilla commented shortly after her death: “The Queen had really wonderful eyes.  When she smiled, her eyes would sparkle and her whole face would light up. Her smile is unforgettable. I will remember it forever.”

However, Queen Camilla’s path has not been smooth. She was strongly opposed by the British people, and even the Queen once described her as a wicked woman. Let us look back on her spectacular life from the bottom to gaining the Queen’s trust.

It is said that Queen Camilla met the new King Charles III around 1972. They met at a polo match at Windsor Castle, where King Charles fell in love at first sight. They shared common interests, such as hunting, and hit it off. However, there was a big obstacle in their relationship.

At the time, Queen Camilla was engaged to a Captain in the Royal Guard, a popular figure in British society. Criticized for her relationship with King Charles, Queen Calami married the Captain. King Charles, on the other hand, married Princess Diana, 13 years younger than him, in July 1981.

Go home!”

King Charles and Queen Camilla, who had just met in February 1975 (Image: AP/Afro)

Even after their marriage, the relationship between Queen Camilla and King Charles continued. Naturally, their family did not end well, and Queen Camilla filed for divorce in January 1995. King Charles officially ended his marriage to Diana in August 1996.

“It is probably well known that the media coverage of Princess Diana’s departure from the royal family became heated. Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris, France, in August 1997. While mourning for Diana remained strong, King Charles remarried Queen Camilla in April 2005.”

“Despite the royal marriage, the backlash from within the U.K. as well as from abroad was more than expected. In the U.K., a majority of people said, ‘After the Queen’s death, her grandson Prince William should succeed her, not her son Prince Charles, then Prince of Wales. In the foreign countries where she visited, Queen Camilla was even heckled by the people who greeted her, saying, “Go home! .” Some radical media even reported that Queen Camilla was ‘the woman who stole her husband from Princess Diana,'” said a reporter from the international section of a national newspaper.

However, Queen Camilla continued to support her husband’s official duties as the wife of King Charles, who was the Crown Prince at the time.

Despite her phobia of flying, she accompanied King Charles on all his outings. She also actively participated in charitable activities to help the poor. No matter how much criticism she received, she didn’t retreat into her shell and made efforts to communicate with other royal family members.

On the other hand, he declined to attend the memorial service for Princess Diana in August 2007. He voluntarily withdrew himself from the ceremony, saying that it might divert attention from the purpose of the ceremony. She also assumed the title ‘Duchess of Cornwall,’ which is the title of King Charles, instead of ‘Duchess of Wales,’ which Diana had used.

King Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in June 1981 (Image: AP/Afro)

Even the Queen, who was initially repulsed by these auspicious words and actions, came to show understanding toward Queen Camilla. As mentioned above, the two enjoyed tea time together in their later years. The Queen had originally planned to be called “the Queen’s wife” instead of “the Queen,” but she herself expressed her desire to withdraw the title.

She said, “The Queen said, ‘I hope you will eventually become queen.’ The Queen’s words had a great impact on the British people. The Queen’s attitude completely changed the way they viewed Queen Camilla. Queen Camilla has completely regained the trust of the people and has gained the support of many of them.

No matter how much criticism she has received, Queen Camilla has maintained her love for King Charles. From now on, she will serve the people as the wife of the King.

Prince Henry and Meghan were not invited to the reception hosted by the King. It is believed that they were not allowed to attend due to their separation from the royal family.
King Charles receiving a letter directly from the people.
The Queen’s state funeral was attended by His Majesty the Emperor and Empress.
The Queen’s coffin protected by relatives
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