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Kabukicho Girls Revealed “The Real Shit Customers I Saw” — #Teruyuki

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Teruyuki Kagawa is a hot topic in Kabukicho

The “assault of a Ginza club hostess” by actor Teruyuki Kagawa (56) has the nightlife ladies of Kabukicho in a uproar.

They are paid a lot of money, so they should be willing to take this kind of risk.

There are a few opinions on the Internet defending Kagawa, but most of the Kabukicho girls are outraged, saying, “There are customers like this! and they are very angry. Akane (pseudonym, 23), who works at a cabaret club in Kabukicho, says

Many of the black-clad men in Kabukicho cabarets are tough, so I don’t think there are many customers who would go so far as to strip off their bras like Teruyuki Kagawa does. But there are a lot of guys who put their hands inside their clothes and squeeze their boobs. What is even more annoying is that when they don’t want to be sexually harassed, they say things like, “Other girls give good service, don’t they? Then, when they don’t want to be sexually harassed.”

In addition to sexual harassment, the cabaret girls say they are exceptionally averse to such “shitty customers.

“People who say, ‘I don’t want to be treated like a customer! I don’t want to be treated like a customer! (Laughs.) If they’ve been here a few times and spent money, that’s one thing, but there are customers who suddenly say, ‘No, no, no, I’m here to do my job, too. “

A service similar to cabaret clubs and currently popular mainly in central Tokyo is the “Gala Drinking Service.” This is a system whereby a woman can be called to any location via an app and have a drink together. You can invite several women to a drinking party, or you can enjoy shopping and dining on a one-on-one basis.

Among such Gala-drinking women, “self-centered, low-esteem men” are said to be the most hated. Mika (a pseudonym, 25), who has been drinking at Gala for three years, reveals, “They try to get me to have a physical relationship with them,” she says.

She says, “Guys who are demanding physical relations and then give girls low ratings on the app if they can’t get laid. Some of them even try to lower a girl’s value by filing false reports with the management, such as ‘I was given extra time without permission. It’s so lame.”

The “shitty customers” in the sex industry are even more diverse. They range from customers who forcibly ask for sexual intercourse to those who demand after-hours service, but recently the word “60-minute free Tanaka” has been gaining momentum on the social networking sites of sex workers.

“Tanaka” is the most common pseudonym among sex industry visitors. In other words, “customers who enter for a short time without money” are collectively called “60-minute free Tanaka,” but why are these customers disliked?

They come in as freeloaders when we are not busy and waiting for them, in order to save 2,000 yen on the nomination fee. When I meet him in the room, he says, “I was hoping you’d come, 00-chan! Lucky! I was hoping you would come! If you want to meet her that badly, don’t be stingy with the 2,000 yen. To be honest, when you’re dealing with a ‘free Tanaka,’ you have to cut corners when it comes to customer service.

To top it off, there are even “shitty customers” who get drunk and defecate in their rooms.

Many male customers treat mizu-shobai and sex industry women like objects because they are paying for their services, but their money is the price for their services. If they force a woman to do something more than that, they will naturally be classified as a “shitty customer.

Incidentally, if you search for “#Life with shitty customers” on Twitter, you can see various episodes of shitty customers, so why not take a look at them to pass the time?

Sasaki Chihuahua
Born in Tokyo in 2000.
After attending an integrated school in Tokyo from elementary school to high school, he went on to Keio University.
He has been going to Kabukicho since he was 15 years old and has a wide range of personal connections.
At the university, he is studying sociology of the downtown area including Kabukicho.

His book, ” Pien” to shakai” (“The Disease of ‘Pien’: Consumption and Approval of the SNS Generation”), is now on sale.

From the September 23, 2022 issue of FRIDAY
  • Reporting and writing Sasaki Chihuahua

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