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How Kana Katase was able to appear in a serial drama just before the “suspicious” report

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Katase has resigned from her agency. There are many people who speculate the reason for her departure from the agency based on the “rumors” that have been surrounding her for the past few years. ……

“It is true that many people said, “How dare they cast her?

“It’s true that many people said, ‘How dare they cast her,'” said a drama production producer at a key station. “It’s true that many people said, ‘How dare they cast her? Katase left her agency “Kenon” on September 30 after the drama.

There have been various rumors and allegations about her leaving the agency at this time, but the most common one is that she was effectively “fired” from the agency. The reason why such a report came out has to do with a certain suspicion that has been surrounding her for the past few years, and a report in the August 5 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” that came out two months before she left the agency.

“Erika Sawajiri, a close friend of Katase’s, was arrested in ’19 on suspicion of possessing the synthetic drug MDMA and was subsequently indicted. It’s very important that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for and what you need to do to get it. But some people on the Internet were suspicious.

The reason for this is that a video of Sawajiri dancing in a trance at a club was circulated, and Katase was seen in it with her. Some people thought it was strange that she was watching Sawajiri in such a state and didn’t notice…” (sports newspaper reporter)

The “Bunshun” report further deepened the suspicion. It was a scoop report that Katase’s boyfriend and live-in IT company president Hideaki Okada had been arrested on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act, but it was a shocking report that also reported Katase’s own suspicions. I wonder if there has ever been a more direct report.

The house where Katase and Okada lived together was raided and no illegal drugs were found, but Katase was interviewed and had a urine test. The results were negative, but a long-time friend of the two testified to the magazine about Katase’s “suspicions”.

Neither Katase’s office nor Katase even responded to the Bunshun article, let alone hinted at a lawsuit. The staff of “Kanojo wa Kirei desatata” (She was beautiful), which was still on air when the report came out, were impatient.

“Needless to say, I was shocked, but I heard that the topic was never mentioned on the set. But there were many staff members who wondered, “Why did they use her after all the suspicions? However, there were many staff members who wondered “Why did they use her?

This is because TV stations are now very careful in casting drama productions. In the past few years, as the number of drug cases involving celebrities and their surroundings has increased, TV stations have suffered more and more actual damage.

If the drama is still on air, they will have to reshoot the drama by deleting the scenes in which the person appears or substituting an actor. Even if compensation for damages can be claimed, it will still be a huge hassle. For this reason, they try to collect detailed information about the actors in advance. In Katase’s case, even if he is innocent, the fact that someone close to him was arrested would naturally make him more cautious.

“Rumors are especially important these days. “Recently, rumors have been especially important,” he said. “There are rumors circulating in the media that he is doing something dangerous, or that he will be arrested soon. These are just rumors, but even so, we are told to avoid people who are rumored to be doing something bad, or to do a thorough physical examination. “(The same producer at a key station)

When Sawajiri was arrested, some people in NTV said

“When Sawajiri was arrested, many people inside NTV were asking, “Is my friend Katase going to be okay?

It is true that when Sawajiri was arrested, there were many people within NTV who wondered if her friend Katase would be okay. So when it was announced that she would be appearing in “She was beautiful,” needless to say, there was a lot of surprise.

It’s hard to say that she didn’t have something to do with the cancellation of “Shoichi. However, she has appeared in several commercial dramas since then, and has also appeared in NHKBS dramas, albeit as a guest. There were no rumors about her “high tension” or “strange behavior. There is no solid evidence to support this. I think that’s why the TV stations weren’t that nervous about her.

The fact that she appeared in an NHK drama in particular is said to have helped to dispel the “anxiety” of the TV station staff.

In particular, the fact that she is appearing in a NHK drama helped to allay the “fears” of TV station insiders. “I heard that NHK, which suffered heavy losses from Pierre Taki and Erika Sawajiri, conducts very strict physical inspections when casting drama. Many TV people think that if NHK is using her, she will be fine.

However, after the “Bunshun report” came out, Katase left the agency just as the drama was about to end, which is said to have deepened the “concern” again.

However, the fact that she left the agency after the “Bunshun report” came out and at the same time the drama ended has once again raised concerns. However, the reason for his departure is still unclear at the moment, and the timing could be seen as a result of the Bunshun report. It is said that the previous office may have taken precautionary measures.

After a report like that, if she doesn’t strongly deny it, there will be no one to offer her a job in the future, to be frank, and sponsors will shun her. In that case, there’s nothing the agency can do to keep her. I think she is well aware of this fact. The public had just about forgotten about it, and I’m sure she’s feeling bitter about it.

Although it is not so difficult to get a job as an individual in this age, “image” is still important. Even though it’s not so difficult to get work as an individual, “image” is still important.

In order for her to make a fresh start, her first priority is to completely wipe out the allegations and restore her image, but that will take a lot of time.

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